Soulful Collection: The journey begins

July 22, 2012

Welcome to the magical journey of Soulful Collection.

Soulful Collection is not a company. We are a team of spirited souls who are passionate about making handcrafted leather products and accessories. We believe that our leather products enhance the joys of today's ultra modern lifestyle by complementing it.

Through our blogs, we hope to bring new thoughts and ideas on the horizon. It’s a platform for our readers and us to exchange views and bring interesting stories to light. Above all, we hope to showcase exquisite leather bags and accessories to you.

We are not just creating leather, we are creating life, formed after undergoing many changes to become an amazing product – a soulful collectible.

Soulful Collection takes pride in handcrafting 100% eco-friendly leather products and accessories. We painstakingly take our goods through multiple steps to ensure you receive naturally processed leather products. This gives leather its unique natural characteristics without any use of harmful chemicals.

At Soulful Collection, we give you the pleasure of having your own handmade leather product. Unlike products which are manufactured in factories, our aim is to make you feel truly special by making products that are truly unique and personal.

We have a diverse range of genuine leather products to cater everyone's needs, such as Satchels, Messengers, Travel Bags, Women’s Bags and Backpacks. While Satchels are ideal for carrying your laptop, tablets, files and books, backpacks and travel bags are perfect for all of your travelling needs. On the other hand, ladies bags embody the spirit of beauty through its design and functionality.

Then there are other leather products such as journals, phone cases, iPad cases, guitar covers etc., which compliments your lifestyle by offering you convenience along with style and grace.

These products are made by traditional skilled artisans, who exquisitely handcraft leather items in the desert state of Rajasthan (India).

It is our way to support their families through entrepreneurship, which is giving them recognition worldwide.

By buying leather products made by them, we are supporting their endeavor towards self- sustenance and leadership. The proceeds of these products help in giving their family a quality lifestyle, their kids a good home and education.

Check out our vintage-styled products and relive the classic old memories back in time when rustic leather products ruled the roost. We hope to bring back those elegant products and mix it with modernity to offer you great products that reflect your deepest sense of style.

The journey has just started. There are miles to go before we sleep.

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