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Top 5 leather satchel bags for your laptop


Call me a nerd if you like, but I do find it hard to leave home without my laptop and a good book- Moby

In today’s times, being connected to the world through internet is an indispensable part of life. All of your work is done through the internet, most of your daily knowledge of current affairs and life’s philosophy comes from it as well.

Further, if you are a professional whose job involves the use of a laptop or any other tech device, technology and internet play an even greater role.

For enterprising individuals and entrepreneurial nature, having a laptop for carrying out your business or academic activities is a common activity these days.

For instance, look at me – I am part blogger, part freelancer and an entrepreneur! For that matter, I always need to be on the go. That’s why I carry Soulful Collection’s leather briefcase – a delightful bag that stores my laptop, water bottle, tablet device and other important items.

Whether you are a journalist or a lawyer, a high school student or a retired person out on a travel, having a personal bag for your convenience is a must. Hence, it’s good to have a daily travel bag, isn’t it? J

But why a leather bag, you may ask? Leather bags are a great way to define your sense of style. It’s fashionable and fun. Apart from being durable and long-lasting, leather bags are stylish and natural.

Hence, check out our stunning collection of amazing leather laptop bags and choose what suits you best.

Still confused? Here’s a list of top five leather satchel bags for your laptop:

  1. Brown Leather Satchel 15" 

A stunning bestseller, this satchel bag is ideal for keeping your laptop or your daily essentials. Nice color, warm texture, spacious compartments, and rich, splendid look of a leather bag – it’s all too awesome to let go of. 

  1. Black Leather Satchel 15" 

Take boldness to another level with dark and seductive black leather satchel. Practical and good-looking, the spacious black leather satchel carries your laptop in the middle compartment whose walls are cushioned to keep your tech device safe and sound. 

What’s more, it has enough storage for your other items of eminent, daily usage – a tablet device for your entertainment needs, a handy book for a quick reading, and indispensable documents to finish those important chores. 

  1. Vertical Leather Laptop Bag 15" 

For those who don’t like the usual shape and design of leather satchel bags, this one is a bit different. It’s vertical! 

With dimensions such as 15-inch length, 11-inch height and 4-inch depth, this bag is compact and easy to carry. The design and style aspects notwithstanding, this vertical leather laptop bag is easily the best thing for keeping your documents, files and folders. 

While other bags are sometimes difficult to carry due to its wide length, this bag can be easily used while riding a bicycle, a bike or a public transport mode like bus. 

  1. Mens Leather Briefcase 15" 

Picture this – one big pocket on front, three internal compartments, two zippered pockets on the internal walls, adjustable strap for ease and briefcase handle on top. 

That’s, my friend, is your Men’s leather briefcase. 

This bag is serious business – elegant, subtle lines, bold appearance and no-nonsense charm. 

The best thing about this leather briefcase is its simplicity - a wholesome leather bag to match your expectations. 

  1. Mens Leather Briefcase 17" 

All that you’ve ever wanted in a leather briefcase, albeit a bit bigger! This is the same Men’s Leather Briefcase, as discussed previously, with a bigger 17-inch width. 

For those who want something extra, here’s a macho bag that’s going to redefine your sense of style and attitude. A throwback to the old, vintage charm, this bag is best suited for people with bigger needs! 

Pack in your laptop and its peripherals, punch in some extra stuff inside, and take a hike to your workplace or college – trust us, it’s going to be a good time for sure! 

There you have it, a quick list of few leather satchels for you. 

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future –John F. Kennedy 

Change is good. Change is awesome. Change for the better. 

Welcome to the good life… 



Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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