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Of Thanksgiving Feast and Fiesta: Wine Carriers to Your Rescue

Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse-Henry Van Dyke

Happy Thanksgiving Day to Everyone!

May this day be filled with full of fun, family and food for you all. Hope everyone stays true to the real meaning of this wonderful occasion and thank the almighty for love and happiness. Amen!

My friend Malinda (Bates, a professor in an esteemed private university in the US) is extremely excited about Thanksgiving this year. Her son Joshua and her husband, who throughout the year stay posted in different states due to their academic and professional commitments, will come home to Oregon to celebrate the Thanksgiving. Further, they shall all take a trip to a countryside resort to unwind and relax.

Isn’t it awesome? These holidays are a welcome treat to break the monotony. Further, the time spent with your loved ones is cherished forever.

I wish I could spend some there during the festivities and soak in the celebratory activities. Alas, since I live in India where Thanksgiving is not celebrated, I can’t really gauge the mood that is out there.

However, as part of my research to gauge the US customers for my Soulful Collection brand, and out of general curiosity, I asked Malinda if she could tell me how Thanksgiving is celebrated.

She was gracious enough to let me come inside her world of these festivities. Let me tell you through following brief pointers about the number of things she thinks keeps the US families busy during the day:

  1. Preparing the Thanksgiving food: It’s all about planning and selecting the traditional menu of roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, breads etc.
  2. Decorating the Thanksgiving Food Table: Arranging the table decorations by placing scented candles, flowers, turkey-shaped card holders etc.
  3. Enjoying traditional Thanksgiving games before or after the meal: Many families, says Malinda, gather around the TV and watch football.

Else, Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, which airs on TV, is extremely popular with kids. It is an annual procession of giant balloons of your popular movie/TV characters, cheerleaders, clowns, marching bands, and famous personalities.

The Season of Festivals & Wine

It is said that more wine is sold on Thanksgiving Day than on any other day in the year. A good bottle of wine during the Thanksgiving meal makes it an even more spectacular day, feels Malinda.

As for choosing the wines, the list doesn’t stop anywhere! From bubbly, great Sparkling Wine to Chardonnay white wine, red wine like Pinot Noir to wines with dessert like Muscat or Port, there are plenty to chose.

Further, the celebratory season starts with Thanksgiving, with Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year’s Day in the running. This is the time when celebration and wine pours in from all quarters. In fact, as Malinda shared with me, a joke or a catchphrase runs which is that the average American gains 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.LOL!

Soulful Collection’s Wine Carriers: the best bags to carry your wine

Leather Wine Carrier - 4 bottles


With wine bottles comes the risk of carrying it from one place to another (if you’re visiting your family town). You may also need to gift many wine bottles – a unique, yet elegant touch is important.

So I thought, why not ask her to buy Soulful Collection’s Leather Wine Carriers for travelling, gifting purposes? She instantly agreed, picking up three Wine Travel Cases (with spaces for one, two and four bottles each).

She was ecstatic with her compliments when she reviewed those wine travel cases. She said, “These wine carriers have made my life so much easier. Earlier, it was difficult to carry or gift wine bottles for fear of breakage and mishandling. But now, the great quality of this leather is that I can now keep the bottles safely inside the case without fussing over anything. Besides, it’s a good way to gift someone who loves leather or vintage items. It’s a classic case.”

I couldn’t agree with her more. The current season of festivities is ripe for wine lovers and aficionados to complement their spirited taste with a lifestyle that reeks of sophistication and elegance.

Further, as part of the special celebratory activities, Soulful Collection has come out with an attractive offer of giving a flat 15% discount across all product items. All you have to do is use the promotional discount coupon code ‘save15’ during checkout and avail the offer. With such throwaway prices, the wine carriers are a steal! The offer is valid till 31st Jan, 2015.

Click on the link to check out these 100% natural leather Wine Carriers.

The emphasis is not on giving or buying (...during Thanksgiving), but on being thankful and expressing that appreciation to God and to one another - John Clayton

Appreciate your life by rendering yourself to the God with all your heart. Live with fun-filled fervor that god asked you to live. And make use of whatever you have to thank and help others.

Thank you my friend Malinda for enlightening us with the spirit of Thanksgiving.

Love, Cheers


Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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