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Leather Camera Bags: There's a Photographer in Each One of Us

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything-Aaron Siskind 

Life is one big photograph, as I would like to imagine. Colorful patch signifies a happy phase; dark ones mean sadness. But when both colors come together on a white photograph paper called life, the photo comes out really good. 

Last week I got a message from an amateur photographer named Sunny who had bought our leather camera bag. He loved our bag and wanted to thank me and my team for it. He said that he's coming to India on a multi-city tour to explore the country. I asked him if he could meet us in New Delhi and he immediately agreed. 

I sat down with Sunny for an interview. Excerpts:

SG: So Sunny, tell me more about yourself. 

Sunny: I'm an independent consultant living in San Jose, California. I deal in softwares and technology. Before that I used to work as a software engineer in a local company for three years. I am an amateur photographer and a music producer as well. I do some odd assignments of photography here and there. I also have a website called Kingz Crown that deals in clothing, music and lifestyle items.

SG: Wow. You seem to dabble in a lot of fields! That's quite interesting! 

Sunny: Yeah, its been a crazy ride for me. Just lucky enough to be doing all of that. 

SG: Let's just stick to your photography bit and talk more about it. Any plans to take up photography as a full-time career option? 

Sunny: Oh yeah, why not? (winks)

SG: What kind of photography do you love doing? 

Sunny: I love doing travel, lifestyle, food, markets and new places. That's why I've come to India coz everyone back there says its a pretty fascinating world.

SG: How did you get into photography? 

Sunny: Since childhood I always loved creating art through paintings. I wanted to tell stories through my photographs. The thirst to tell stories through art is what drives an artist. It drove me to learn the art and science of photography as well. 

SG: With what camera do you shoot? 

Sunny: I use Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K with G VARIO 7-14mm F4.0 ASPH lens. I also love mobile photography so I love to take pictures with my Google Nexus 5 as well.

SG: What sort of photography project drives you the most? 

Sunny: Visiting new places and cities, for sure. I love exploring the unexplored, looking at a new world and capturing in my photos. 

With that in mind, I'm so excited about coming here (to India). Just now when I was coming here, I saw cows sitting on the road. I asked my driver and he said its a normal sight here. Holy moly I was stunned!

SG: What else do you find interesting about India? 

Sunny: Everything (laughs). 

SG: Go on.

Sunny: I mean, its a new world. There's so many people everywhere. There's noise, colors, chaos and what not. It's an ideal place to shoot. 

SG: What's the toughest part of being a photographer? 

Sunny: Finding the right opportunities to photograph. It is an extremely competitive market. You need to be on your toes as a professional photographer. 

SG: What is your style of shooting? 

Sunny: There's no particular style. I like to blend, mix and match, use blur and fade effects to enhance the look.

SG: What advice would you give to aspiring photographers? 

Sunny: Work hard, enjoy what you're doing and be passionate about it. Trust me, the joy of seeing your final product on the big screen is a different high altogether. 

SG: How did you find out about Soulful Collection's leather camera bag? 

Sunny: I think I googled vintage leather camera bags and saw your site. 

SG: And, what do you think of the bag? 

Sunny: I love the fact that it's made from Eco-friendly leather. I went through your website and read about the process that you use. It's great. I think everyone should process leather in a way that doesn't pollute the environment at all. It doesn't make sense why would people not choose this process and use other. 

SG: What features do you love about the bag? 

Sunny: First of all, I love that its unabashedly a hardcore pure leather bag. It's stunning and gorgeous. The old look gives it a vintage touch. It's like I'm carrying a 1945 World War II collector's item that's worth $50,000! (Laughs). 

Second of all, I love its space. The padding inside is super thick and tightly packed. It's intelligently designed to keep camera equipment without shaking or slipping out. Then those side pockets are nifty. I keep my house keys in it. Would definitely recommend it to all of my photog friends. 

SG: Thank you for talking to us, Sunny! Good luck with your India trip. 

Sunny: My pleasure. Thanks for calling me. Good luck with your leather bags. 

It was great talking to Sunny. After his short stay in New Delhi, he went to different cities in India and also did a bit of trekking in the Himalayan range as well. He sent me few photographs of his sojourn. Here are some of them: 

To find out more about the bag or to order it, click on the link Leather Camera Bags

Photography is pretty simple stuff. You just react to what you see, and take many, many pictures-Elliott Erwitt 

So go out there. Take many, many pictures. Send your crazy, whacked out and cute pics to me. I'll be waiting for them. 

Love, XOXO

Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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