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Designer Ladies Purse: A Cool Bag To Hangout With!


Hello peoples, wassup!

Apologies for not posting new blogs since past few weeks. Have been caught up in coming out with new products for Soulful Collection. With all the to-and-fro process of dealing with suppliers and designers for creating new and innovative leather bags for our customers, it was a bit hectic for me to spend some quality personal time. But now it's done, and I'm happy to be back on the blogosphere ;)

I've spent the recent times trying to reinvigorate our brand by bringing in modern, contemporary and youthful bags to our customer. It's like we wanted to provide a new perspective to Soulful Collection in terms of how consumers perceive us. We understand some people want a modern leather bag that's fun to be with, and that's exactly what we've come up with.

And in this endeavor, here's a look at a new handbag for the ladies - Designer Ladies Purse. It's a bold new handbag in our repertoire of leather products.

Hence, ladies and gentlemen, let's find out more about this attractive leather handbag and talk about its various features that'll leave you asking for more! Here we go:

1. Attractive Design: Have you heard of the 'Orient Express'? The Orient Express was the name of a long-distance passenger train service created in the year 1883. The international passenger train service was a showcase of luxury and comfort at a time when traveling was still rough and dangerous. The city names most prominently associated with the route of the Orient Express are London, Paris and Istanbul.

It is this lavish historical legacy of the Orient Express that is displayed artistically on the cover of our designer purse with a vintage design reminiscent of that age.

Giving a modern pop look is the use of glittery color combinations against the white background that present the purse in a gorgeous avatar.

The leather bag is ideal for those who want to buy a bag with a different look and feel. Make no mistake, the bag will grab many eyeballs with its funky look!

2. Spacious, Elegant Interior: Extra large space abounds the designer leather purse to provide you a handy bag to carry for all occasions. With dimensions of 10.5-inch (Height), 17-inch (Width) and 4-inch (Depth), you're in for a really spacious bag (you can put a whole lot of stuff in it, whether it's the laptop, tablet or any of your handbag essentials).

What also works best is the fact that the blue-colored theme inside the bag adds a touch of glamor and royalty in it. You also find a zippered pocket on the internal wall, along with a mobile pocket and a coin pocket.

With space and style like that, you can use this purse as a shopping bag, a traveling bag, a carryall bag, a college bag, a party bag, and so on.

3. Rough 'n' Tough Durability: The bag comes from the value and philosophy that we at Soulful Collection love to boast of - using sheer goodness of the Eco-friendly leather to our advantage.

Durable, yet flexible, the goatskin leather material adds youthful appearance to the quality of the leather handbag. The handcrafted product is fitted with quality accessories, such as handles, zippers and buckles that are impeccable strong and lifelong.

Thus, hop into the magical journey of the famous 'Orient Express' using this travel handbag and chug along for the ride of your life.

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So ladies, indulge in some 'retail therapy', and treat yourself to these amazing collectibles.

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Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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