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Being Blogger!


Franchesca and Sharkey, my French bulldogs, have their own blog. And they are brilliant at it - Martha Stewart


Do you have your own blog yet?


Hello, People!


I believe there are two types of people in the world – a blogger and a non-blogger.


For a blogger has really some weird qualities that set them apart from the rest. My husband would know – he is the recipient of the consequences inflicted upon him thanks to me being a part-time blogger, lol!


While there is some blogger who writes just for fun, there are those serious types (like me) who express themselves to develop our businesses and brands. I write extensively for Soulful Collection with blogs on topics ranging from lifestyle and fashion to human interest and community development.


You need certain qualities as a blogger to understand what users want, how good the content should be, how to promote it effectively (with the effective use of SEO-based keywords) and how to create its impact.


Blogging is a serious business, and it entails that you schedule your work-life balance it. Bloggers who work from home, especially mothers who raise family and kids, have to delicately divide time, effort and resources for preparing blogs.


Business owners like me don't have it easy as well. A passionate blogger like me have to spend time running a brand, family, relationships, business dealings effectively. Sure, it takes some toll, and most of your family members wonder what's the big fuss about blogging is! And that's why it's funny and challenging to be with a blogger (like me)!


Here are top 5 qualities to emphasize more what I've just said (the qualities of being a blogger):




We bloggers are a passionate bunch of writers who love to opine and some! If we're not passionate, it shows in our lazy writing. However, if we write as if its the end of the world, we find it easy to write and enjoy. And that involves a lot of research, draft writing, some serious troubles interviewing people.


Time left for yourself and your family: None!




For a successful blog to be created, you need a lot of patience. There will be hair-tearing moments, lot's of frustrations and some mistakes while you edit the copy at the end of it. The results are not going to come overnight, and thus, creative or new ideas will take a lot of time to fructify.




To be a professional or an amateur blogger, maintaining your creative ideas is vital to constantly come up with new types of blogs all the time. You need to be regular for results to start showing and for your audience as well. They anticipate your blogs, their loyalty is built around your interesting ideas made possible with alarming frequency. The more people see your blog, the more they'll refer it to others as well. Write write write!




Quality is the key word here. The sum of your blogs should bring in a lot of credibilities. Be it the unique content, usability of the content and accuracy (veracity) of the news, this will have a lot of impact on the number of visitors that come to the platform. Thus, you need to create a quality content that speaks volumes about your writing ability, wit, intelligence and wisdom gained over the years.


Think you can be all of that and still manage to create a successful blog for your viewers?


Of course, no one is denying the sheer thrill of expressing yourself and contributing information to the benefit of people. There's no better joy than to read people commenting positively about your blog posts and appreciating your keen sense of insight.


So for all potential blogger, gear up to imbibe the above-mentioned virtues.


And as for their friends, family, relatives, and partners, good luck with trying to cope with them :)


As always, if you're a blogger or keep a diary, there's no better book than vintage leather journals from Soulful Collection to keep you hooked. To more about leather journals, click here. To read all of my previous blogs at Soulful Collection, click here.


As always, stay healthy, stay happy :)






Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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