RusticTown All Purpose Leather Knife Roll Storage Bag Chef Roll

Keep your chef knives safe, secure and travel ready with a premium knife roll made specifically for culinary arts professionals.


Proper knives are a defining factor behind any great chef. They can mean the difference in a proper cut of meat; help reduce food prep time; and even keep your fingers and hands safer when properly sharpened. It’s also important to keep them handy when it’s time to get to work, which is why you need the RusticTown All Purpose Knife Roll Storage Bag  designed to hold 11 of your favourite blades plus kitchen tools or utensils.

Precision Quality and Control

This tough and functional carry bag for chef knives was designed specifically for those who value the culinary arts as a serious profession. It holds knives, accessories, tools and more. And because it rolls up tight for convenience and security, you can use it at home, on the go, or in a professional kitchen.

Long-Term Durability

This Geuine leather knife roll are cut and puncture resistant and they won’t scratch, nick or damage your knives. More importantly, they’re durable for long-lasting support as you learn, grow and become a master chef!

Product Details:

  • Genuine Leather Knife Roll
  • 11 Storage Slots Plus Durable Zipper for Accessories
  • Portable Handle and Travel Friendly
  • Reinforced Zippered Pouch
  • Brass Buckles
  • Holds Knives up to 16”
  • Bag Size: 14” x 5.5” (Rolled) or  30 x 0.1 x 20 inches
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Item Weight    3.53 pounds


Product Features :

✅ Genuine Leather- This knife roll is made from 100% genuine Buffalo leather which gives it a sturdy and rich feel.

✅ CONVENIENT ACCESSIBILITY – Each professional-grade knife bag holds 11 kitchen knives and accessories, such as paring, carving, ceramic, scissors, and other chef utensils or tools.

✅ TRAVEL-FRIENDLY DESIGN – These knife rolls for chefs boast an easy-carry handle, which allows convenience and portability to carry your knives with ease and safety when going to work, camping, or barbequing.

✅ IDEAL FOR ALL CHEFS: From the budding Range Chef to the high ranks of the Executive Chef, this Rustic Knife Roll is the perfect addition to their kitchen’s arsenal. The roll closes neatly with heavy duty brass buckles and rolls up with ease, protecting your blades from any possible damage.

✅ MAKES A UNIQUE & UNFORGETTABLE GIFT: This makes a fantastic gift for your loved one who likes to make a mess in the kitchen, your friend who sees themselves as a Michelin star chef, to your family member who couldn’t boil an egg. For everyone of all ranges, this makes an unforgettable and thoughtful gift.


Did you know: 

a) unlike ours, most of the leather products in market are “NOT” 100% Genuine Leather but different Varieties of Synthetic Leather like PU or Faux Leather?
b) Unlike us, in order to bring sturdiness and variety in designs leather fibres are mixed with other fibres?

  • These products have advere effect on environment.
  • These products more easily torn or punctured.
  • These products do not develop the same luster and patina over time as leather.
  • These products are hyper-allergenic i.e. relatively likely to cause an allergic reaction.
Would you like to buy products that use

a) Always made with lustrous, soulfully tanned, ageless — Genuine Leather ?
b) Have straight forward utility based designs that respect urban sensibilities?

 Welcome to Rustic Town 
Where Simplicity, Purity, Utility and Originality are more appealing than "JUST" Luxury



Handcrafted, Made from 100% Genuine Leather Chef Knife Roll - What Sets This Knife Roll Apart?

  Handmade Genuine Buffalo Leather Knife Roll;

  • Includes 11 Storage Slots Plus Durable Zipper Pouch for spoons or utensils;
  • Portable Handle and Travel Friendly;
  • Strong Leather Shoulder Strap (Adjustable and Detachable).
  • Knife bag includes Reinforced Zippered meat cleaver tool Pouch;
  • Brass Buckles Closer ;
  • Holds Knives up to 16 Inches;
  • Genuine leather flaps cover and secure knives (Knives Not Included)
  • Bag Size (Rolled): 14 Inches x 5.5 Inches;
  • Bag Size (Open): 29 Inches x 14 Inches;
Adjustable strong straps and quick release buckles enable you to cinch up your knife roll quickly and securely for safe transport.



High-Quality Stitching


  • Durable construction with strong stitching, that will last for years.​
  • This Genuine Leather Chef Knife Roll is made using extra-sturdy buff leather which can stand wear and tear of everyday life..

Due to the handmade process this bag develop patterns with time making it one of a kind!



It's Design & Usage - Handmade Leather Chef Knife Roll Bag


This Rustictown Chef Knife Roll is made from high quality Leather and can be used to store Knives, Peeler, Spoon etc.

  • Pure Buffalo Leather Knife Roll;
  • A Fair Trade Product.
  • Handmade using Genuine Leather By Artisans in India.
  • All Rustic Town Products Are Naturally Processed, So No Harmful Chemicals are used.




                       R:- Robust

                       U:- Utility based Designs

                       S:- Stylish

                       T:- Traditional

                       I:- Innovative

                       C:- Customer Focused



RUSTICTOWN Chef Knife Roll have to be able to withstand the wear and tear of constant use, So it was of utmost importance that we prepare are knife roll for this.

So thats why each and every knife bag is comprised of a handmade pure leather, capable of handling the knives and tools intended. Also, we go the extra mile with double stitching to ensure the integrity and strength of your knife roll.

  • Comes In A Stylish Dust Bag!




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