Leather Travel Bag

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    ✅ Handcrafted from 100% GENUINE BUFFALO LEATHER 
    ✅Dimensions( in inches): 20(Length) , 11(Height), 7(Depth). 
    ✅Spacious Compartment to Carry Clothes, iPad, Magazines, Books, Travel Items, etc. 
    ✅Premium Leather Duffel for Air Travel Carry on luggage, Business Trips, Overnight or Weekend Getaways etc. 
    ✅Attractive Brush-Stroke Design for Enhanced Look. Rustic Town is connected with a number of Organizations within India which work to bring employment to artisans and keep alive traditional skills.
    Did you know :

    a) Unlike ours, most of the leather products in market are “NOT” 100%  Genuine Leather but different Varieties of Synthetic Leather like PU or Faux Leather?   
    b) Unlike us, in order to bring sturdiness and variety in designs leather fibres are mixed with other fibres?
    Consequences :
    These products have advere effect on environment.
    These products more easily torn or punctured.
    These products do not develop the same luster and patina over time as leather.
    These products are hpyer-allergenic i.e. relatively likely to cause an allergic reaction.
    Would you like to buy products that are 100% Genuine and 
    a) Always made with lustrous, soulfully tanned, ageless — Genuine Leather ?
    b) Have straight forward utility based design that respects urban sensibilities ?
    Welcome to Rustic Town 
    Where Simplicity, Purity ,Utility and Originality are more appealing than "JUST" Luxury.
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