Customer Stories

I received the product through a super fast shipment which was awesome! I bought this satchel two months back and even now it looks great. The black color is different and adds to the looks and finish of the bag. I use it to carry my laptop and files to the office. So far I haven’t faced any issue.

Overall the look, feel, finish is nice. I recommend it to everyone.

Adam Beatrice, Arizona, USA


I love Indian food, and was drawn to its culture thereafter. So when I was looking to buy a leather bag, I just googled for messenger bags and saw your products. I instantly loved them!

I ordered this embossed messenger bag and it was quick to arrive. Believe me, it looks better and the pictures. The camel design on the bag is awesome. I now take this bag wherever I go, and people generally give a second look to the product.

The space inside is fantastic and the quality feels good. Finally, the price is too good to be true! So I truly love this bag and give 5 stars to Rustic Town. Thanks.

Bob Henry, New York City, USA

Wow, what a gorgeous bag! The day my eyes fell on this product, I told to myself that I have to buy it. After going through all the details, I finally ordered this bag and waited desperately for it to come.

Very well-packaged, the bag looked more stunning that I saw in pictures. It looks like an owl. It’s very cutely-shaped. I even love the smell of it!

Fully recommend this bag to everyone around me. Must buy!

Dina Martel, Atlanta, USA

I bought this backpack because I am adventurous by nature and I love trekking. Once I ordered it, the delivery was lightening quick.

This backpack is big and its strap is very comfortable. I throw in a lot of travelling stuff in it and it still feels light and compact. The smell of leather is a bit too much initially. I asked the customer reps about it and they promptly answered my query. Now the smell is gone and I have no problems whatsoever!

George Willington, Napa County, USA

Thank you so much Rustic Town for providing me the best retro style leather bag. I was always looking for such bag for daily needs. This bag is a true charm.

Matthew Festa, Florida, USA

I collected my bag at the my place today, in good time for my trip. I'm really pleased with this leather laptop satchel. Many thanks for your efforts and for the great customer service from Rustic Town.

Johnny Miller, Pennsylvania, USA


This Iphone 5 cover is the most awesome Iphone cover cum card holder I have ever purchased. Its the perfect Ikit I have ever seen. Its very sleek so that I can put in my front pocket. I would recommend this cover to all Iphone users as this will make your life easier.

Alan George, Ohio, USA

One of the best formal and unique leather bag I have came across. I carry it to office almost daily and feel good about this one. I will be soon making my next purchase with you people. Thanks.

Joseph Jose, Lowa, USA


Full marks to Rustic Town for delivering it so quickly.

Nestor Anderson, Virginia, USA


I have always been a fan of pure leather products such as jackets, boots etc. When I came across your website I knew that this is the place where I will be coming regularly. I purchased this leather bag and I am actually very satisfied with the quality of leather. The small cuts on the bag proves it that its make pure and genuine leather. I will be making my next purchase soon.

Paul Willingson, Utah, USA


Till now I wasn't much of a leather fan. I didn't use to have any leather bag though my friends used to talk about it. Out of curiosity I found your site. I was impressed by how economical the bags were. And now after holding it in my hands I can safely say I'm addicted to leather. What feel and colour. It’s a great feeling to have a leather purse and flaunt it. I would give it 5/5 stars.

Rebecca Smith, Denver, Colorado


I love collecting leather journals – it’s my passion. I love to collect journals which have a unique cover, interesting engravings, different shapes etc.

So when a friend of mine introduced me to your amazing leather website, I was pleasantly surprised to find really nice and different leather journals at dirt-cheap prices.

I love this journal, especially due to its tree of life design and the locks. The handmade quality is just excellent and your service is impeccable as well.

I am going to buy 3-4 more journals based on my review. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.

Edward Johnson, North Carolina, USA

The leather is soft and beautiful. I keep the cover in my pockets and it doesn't feel uneasy at all. The experience has been more than great. 10/10 for seller!

Darrell Grey, Chicago, USA

I am die-hard iPad junkie and purchased this case to take my device to college. It accommodates nicely without any problem. The flat-skin shape of the iPad case is its greatest advantage. Good product.

David Jackson, Tennessee, USA

This leather backpack is perfect for all my needs. I have started carrying my laptop and my books to college daily in it. It goes perfectly with everything you wear and the handle makes it very comfortable to carry it. Amazing and fast delivery. Thank you Rustic Town team.

Cris Hooks, New York, USA

The case is just as good as shown in the pictures, or even better. Fully satisfied with the product. Thanks.

Tony Mendes, Canberra, Australia

Using it for few weeks now. No problems. Highly recommended bag for school and college kids like me. Stylish as hell.

Adam West, Bradford, UK

I love writing short stories and poems, and so, I was looking for a new diary online. However, I was always fed up of looking at staid journals with no character of its own. But then I saw your wonderful website online. This journal is a perfect gift to my creativity.

I was impressed by the leather cover – it is so detailed and descriptive. The very looks of the leather cover immersed me into writing creative art works. Even the handmade paper quality is very exception. It’s like nothing that I have ever seen before. Perfect journal. Good work.

Bale Johnson, San Jose, California, USA

The leather is soft and cushiony, and card holders are a great addition. My friends compliment me for this phone case. It’s a steal at this price. All the best, guys. Good job.

Younis Khan, Detroit, USA

After looking at your description, I bought this backpack for my school-going daughter. My daughter says this bag has made her a star attraction in the school. All her books fit in nicely. Overall, my experience has been great. 10/10.

Judith Smith, Wolverhampton, UK


This gem of a company called Rustic Town has made my life so much easier and fun. I am delighted to use this leather bag. Thumbs for quality and shipping!!!

Patricia O’DonnellSanta Clara, USA



  1. Fastest delivery time ever: This bag came to me in 3 days!
  2. Spacious: Bag has oodles of space for all things
  3. Price: It is very easy on the pocket. Priced at wholesale rate.
    1. No cons. Product is perfect as such.

    Elissa Watt, Santa Monica, USA

      I ordered this satchel on my friend’s recommendation, and it was truly worth it. The red leather looks yummy; I feel like eating it! Lol On a serious note, I feel the satchel looks very classy. It looks like a branded hi-fi product but is priced for a mere pittance as compared to the big companies.

      Stephanie Wilson, New Jersey, USA

      The order was smooth and easy, shipping was quick and overall service has been very pleasant.

      Robert Shapiro, Toronto, Canada

      I bought this bag and it got shipped really fast from India. Well packaged and promptly delivered. That’s what I like about these guys. Good job. It’s been 2-3 weeks and now I know why leather is so evergreen – it just age beautifully. Overall, I’m having a good time with this bag. 5 stars!!!!

      Phil Emmerich, Miami, USA

      Bag is soft and smooth to touch. Excellent service. 5 stars to quick delivery. Nice smell of leather. Excellent product since its coming from my country India.

      Suneet Subramanian, San Jose, California

      Ordered this wine case bottle to gift someone. It arrived soon after, in just 3 days from India. Pretty fast shipping!

      George Packer, Orlando, Florida, USA

      The case is just as good as shown in the pictures, or even better. Fully satisfied with the product. Thanks.

      Tony Mendes, Canberra, Australia

      I’m studying fashion designing and this bag seriously looks so awesome on me. It’s a classic bag with a 1940’s look. Gosh I feel back in time. Fashion is in simplicity and style and I believe this bag has both. Good design.

      Mickey, Houston, USA

      Great purchase. Product wise, I have nothing to complain.

      Daniel Brienza, Massachusetts, USA


      My sister presented this phone case as a gift for my new iphone 5s. I was impressed by the way it was gift-wrapped. I'm actually hooked to this cover - its that addictive. I like the fact that it doubles up as a wallet as well. Definitely recommend this product for every Iphone user. Excellent sellers.

      Aaron Cline, Cheshire, UK


      When I first heard about a vertical laptop bag, I never thought it could really exist. But when I saw this bag on Rustic Town’s website, I was pleasantly surprised. It takes its own time getting used to it for first few days but its vertical portrait style shape is its greatest advantage.

      I am a painter and I purchased this bag to carry my pencils, brushes, plate, and paper holder etc. It accommodates everything nicely without any problem. I also carry my laptop in it and still there is some space left to add a thing or two.

      As a creative person I like things which are different and out of the box. Carrying this bag is part of that idea and it doesn’t disappoint me. Good product.

      Patricia Stevenson, Palo Alto, California, USA

      I was looking for a big bag to carry my stuff whenever I go to the gym. I zeroed in on your vintage leather duffel bag. The order was smooth, delivery was quick and overall service was pleasant. It’s been a week, and I am happy with the bag.

      Justin Paul, Ontario, Canada

      Based on some pretty good reviews from my friends who tried these leather bags, I decided to let go off my skepticism for once and buy this black messenger from Rustic Town. And I’m so glad to receive it. These chaps are committed to great customer experience which is evident in their prompt service and quick delivery. They even guided my purchase decision.

      Mark Newton, London, UK

      The product is very well-made and spacious. My son thinks the bag’s quite cool! I am pretty satisfied with the product. Thanks

      Edmund Hull, Denver, Colorado, USA


      Got this bag today. So excited that I felt like reviewing it right now! For an Indian company to deliver this product here in US, the shipment was quick super quick. I got this bag in just 3 days! So extra brownie points for that.
      As for the bag, it’s totally drool worthy. The bag looks super cute and hot. I’m so excited to show it off to my friends at college. It’s gonna be so much fun. It’s a must have ladies bag. U guys rock!!!

      Kiara Jones, Tennessee, USA

      My husband gifted this tote bag to me and I am still reeling under so much excitement! This is one of the best bags I have in my closet. The gift-wrapping was nice and the product was very well-packaged.

      A big thumb up to the team. Keep it up.

      Sophia Brown, Michigan, USA

      The leather rucksack is so much fun to show off! This bag takes care of my luggage easily. I love the whole design and style aspect of this bag.

      Adam Smith, Oregon, USA


      As a marketing head of a company, I go on a lot of business trip to other cities and town. That’s why I was looking to buy an exotic looking travel bag made of leather.

      After going through many websites, I fell in love with this particular adventure duffel. The bag takes care of all my concern, be it luggage and handling. It’s a rocking bag, and I take it on all my business trips.

      I believe Rustic Town is a great seller. Their service, quality of bags, prices is competitive and reasonable. Good product.

      Edward Holmes, Vermont, USA


      This was the perfect gift I was looking for my grandmother, who loves to write every day. I was looking for these journal rolls since many months but couldn’t find it earlier. The service was impeccable. The communication was prompt and delivery was very quick. My grandmother is happy and she says you guys brought her old memories back. Thank you so much.

      Billy Graham, New York, USA


      The phone case is better than I thought. As soon as I ordered it, I knew this is going to be a great product.

      The shipping was quick! The packaging was done very well. Never thought the product would come like this.

      Mark Holders, Nashville, USA


      This leather bag is very stylish and the front of this bag is very different from any other leather bag. Having no pocket in the front makes it very stylish and trendy. The strap of this leather bag looks very good when you carry it crossbody.

      Mark Davis, Illinois, USA

      The bag is very spacious and nice. It feels just like a shoulder bag and I use it for that purpose. It looks very good; the design is amazing.One of the best bags I've ever invested. Thanks

      Sam Jenkins, Memphis, USA

      I received this bag just now. Hurriedly logged in to say that it’s a great messenger bag. You guys have nailed it.
      The design, quality of buttons, everything is great. Excellent customer service as well. You guys kept me in the loop with tracking number and e-mails. Fastest delivery time, that too coming from India! Man, such a small world.
      Do I like this bag? Absolutely yes! My wife is pleasantly surprised as she was a bit apprehensive about your new company. I think now I’ll gift her ladies bag too. All the best!!!

      Michael Schilsky, KENTUCKY, USA

      I love working on my iPad. I was on the lookout of a leather iPad case when I saw your Rustic Town website. I ordered this case after checking out all the details. The delivery was very fast for an international shipment. It arrived in flat two days! The product tracking was on the spot and your customer service was excellent.

      The bag is smooth and protective from inside. The compartment is very spacious and it keeps my iPad safe. Overall it’s a nice, stylish bag.

      Grey Daniels, London, UK

      I ordered this leather bag to carry my laptop. It arrived in no time at all – it came from India in just 3 days! Very happy with Rustic Town.

      Donna Martel, Austin, Texas, USA


      Total value for money product!

      Bianca Knowles, Connecticut, USA


      This bag is so awesome that just looking at it gives me goose bumps. Even my overall experience has been pretty great so far. I haven’t observed any manufacturing defect or substandard quality in the bag. The product was also quick to arrive at my place. Great bag. Cheers!

      Miles Spencer, Idaho, USA


      I bought this passport cover for my son and daughter-in-law who are planning to go on a honeymoon trip to Mauritius. Both of them thought it was a lovely gesture, and they also loved the utility of this product.

      Very surprised with the fast delivery; it made all the effort quite worth it. The package arrived very well and without any problem.

      Gerald Thomas, Arizona, USA


      I received my men’s medium leather messenger bag last week. I just wanted to send a quick review and let you know how happy I am with it. Quality bag, fairly priced, and exactly as the picture on your website represented. Awesome value. :)

      Cris Hooks, Virginia, USA


      Hey guys this is Jessica and I am 18 years old. I was looking for a pink colored personal diary online, when I fell in love with this amazing journal.

      The journal is so cute and sweet. I love the pink Indian design of fabric on the cover. It’s very adorable and all my girlfriends are jealous of it. I am planning to buy a couple of journals for my parents as well. Super fun experience!

      Jessica Palmer, Brampton, Canada

      My wife ordered this bag as my surprise birthday gift, so I wasn't kept in the loop. When I saw the package on my birthday, it was beautifully gift wrapped. She says it arrived very fast. Kudos to your team.

      So far, there has been no problem. I love it. Good service.

      John Benison, Warwick, England


      Good product, great price, excellent service. A +++ sellers.

      Alina Cooper, Cupertino, USA

      The wine case is perfect to use. Initially, there was this heavy smell of leather. I contacted the guys at Rustic Town and they told me to keep it in an airy place for couple of days. That was helpful. The response was prompt.

      I keep my wine bottle in it without any issues. Good product.

      Samantha Smith, Sacramento, USA

      The product arrived today in no time. The product was packaged very well and beautifully wrapped to avoid any damage. As the name suggests, the leather case looks luxurious and premium. It’s an awesome product for my phone and I recommend this to everyone. Must buy!

      Diana Parker, Las Vegas, USA

      I am in love with your bag. The red leather bag is very elegant and premium.


      Zoë Angela, North Colorado, USA


      My girlfriend and I both have an iPad and we are always on it playing games, watching movies etc. We purchased two cases. The order was shipped quite fast, I guess on the next day. Holy cow, the product was delivered to us in two days! We strongly recommend this leather case to everyone.

      George Reynolds, New Jersey, USA

      Excellent service. 5 out of 5 stars for prompt delivery and good quality at low price.

      Karl Anton, Texas, USA

      It was my younger brother's 21st birthday and I bought this product for him as he wanted a nice sleeve for his laptop. Product wise, it's perfect. The quality is great, the front handle adds to the touch. I thoroughly recommend this bag. A+ service. Good job.

      Robert Shapiro, Toronto, Canada

      I ordered this wine carrying 4-bottle case from Rustic Town last week and it was delivered to me quite fast. The cost and quality of leather is good.

      Wilma Sheraton, Houston, USA

      I love photography and it’s my passion. I was on the lookout of a leather camera bag when a friend recommended me your website. After checking out all the details, I ordered this bag. I must say I’m elated by your fast international shipment. It arrived in flat two days!

      Mark Davis, Connecticut, USA