Indiana Leather Adventure Duffel 20"

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Material: Eco Friendly Leather SKU: DFR20KR Weight: 1.8 kg
Color: Brown Dimensions: 10(H) * 20(W) Country of Manufacturing: India

Feeling a surge of testosterone? Are you ready to move mountains with your never-say-die spirit? Bring in Indiana leather adventure duffel bags!

Tough as nails with the grit of steel, these Indiana leather duffle bags are your one-stop point for keeping all things handy during your adventurous excursion.

Whether it’s keeping your valuables safe and handy, or making sure you pack in all the stuff without much fuss, our quality leather duffle bags do that competently.

So gear up your motorcycle engine to chug it down the rocky terrain and go vroom vroom like Indiana Jones!

  • 1 Front pocket.
  • 2 Additonal pockets, one on each side.
  • 1 Adjustable Shoulder strap.
  • Carry Handles on top.

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