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Leather Duffle Bag

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Are you an avid traveller? If you are looking for a large Leather Duffle Bag to pack in your stuff or travel, then your destination stops right here.

At Soulful Collection, we bring you this stunner when it comes to storage and space with style!


Material: Eco Friendly Leather SKU: DF24KR Weight: 2.5 kg
Color: Brown Dimensions: 10.5(H) X 24(W) X 10(D) Country of Manufacturing: India

These leather duffle bags are amazing to look at and easy to make use of. These brown leather duffle bags are a perfect way to stylise your travel journey – just the look of it will make you swoon over its drop-dead gorgeous looks.

So add value to your life with the inclusion of this amazing leather duffle bag. Love leather, live leather.

  • 1 Front pocket.
  • 2 Additonal pockets, one on each side.
  • 1 Adjustable Shoulder strap.
  • Carry Handles on top.

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