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Rustic Leather Journal

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Embedded with a semi-precious gemstone on its cover, the leather bound journal is ideal for writers, cartoonists, poets, painters or other creative artists.

Material: Eco Friendly Leather SKU: LJ00030MH Weight: 0.75 kg
Color: Brownish Red Dimensions: 6.5(H) X 4(W) X 1(D) Country of Manufacturing: India

If there's one way you would like to preserve and cherish your thoughts, emotions and feelings, its gotta be through this amazing leather vintage journal.

A handcrafted leather notebook from Soulful Collection, it's a perfect travel journal of sorts. The size of this leather journal is perfect to carry. Thus, you can pen your thoughts and remember those beautiful moments during treks, weekend getaways, holidays, vacations, sightseeing tours, etc. 

The journal notebooks is made from genuine vegetable-tanned leather with 100% recycled paper.

It's a perfect gift for your spouse, loved ones and senior members within the family.

Thus, preserve your thoughts forever and make them eternal by using this vintage journal.


Handcrafted using 100% Genuine Leather Journal.

Helps you organize your Thoughts, Plans and Ideas on your life's journey.

Ideal for Creative Writers, Poets, Designers, Artists, etc. 

Unlined Paper. Use any pen.

Height: 6 inches, Width: 4 inches

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