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Tree of Life Journal

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Just like the 'tree of life' concept, which suggests the interconnectedness of all life forms in a cosmic way, this vintage leather journal also symbolizes a deep connect between you and your inner soul through penning your creative expressions on the paper.

Material: Eco Friendly Leather SKU: LJ00032MH Weight: 0.36 kg
Color: Brownish Red Dimensions: 8(H) X 6(W) X 1(D) Country of Manufacturing: India

Notwithstanding the meaningful 'Tree of Life' emboss on the cover of this red leather journal, the notebook also offers you a great way to be efficient. Make this journal as your appointment diary, an academic notebook, scrapbook, photo album, a ledger or just a day book; there are enormous possibilities to use these   leather notebooks.

 The Eco-Friendly Leather (Naturally processed, vegetable-tanned) is soft and smooth. The paper has been 100% recycled and given a rustic texture to make it more vintage. Yet, it is very easy to write on it and you can use any pen that you like.

 Thus, wait no more and get your hands on the beautiful leather journal right now.


Handcrafted using 100% Genuine Leather Journal.

Helps you organize your Thoughts, Plans and Ideas on your life's journey.

Ideal for Creative Writers, Poets, Designers, Artists, etc. 

Unlined Paper. Use any pen.

Height: 8 inches, Width: 6 inches

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