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Womens Gym Bag

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A womens gym bag should be just like her – tough and strong from inside, gentle and soft from the outside.

And that’s exactly what this leather gym duffle bag from Soulful Collection has to offer. These gym bags for women are classy and sophisticated, just like the ladies!


Material: Eco Friendly Leather SKU: DFR20KR Weight: 1.8 kg
Color: Brown Dimensions: 10(H) * 20(W) Country of Manufacturing: India

 A small gym bag, it has a front pocket, two additional pockets (one on each side), one adjustable shoulder strap, and carry handles on top.

The best gym bag for women, use this to carry your sipper, towel, shoes, track pants and other gym accessories, without breaking a sweat!

These duffel bags for women can also be used for storing small items while travelling. So there you have it, ladies. Buy this womens gym bag and boost your health while remaining stylish, as always!

  • 1 Front pocket.
  • 2 Additonal pockets, one on each side.
  • 1 Adjustable Shoulder strap.
  • Carry Handles on top.

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