Of wives and appreciation! Top 4 ladies leather handbags to gift her

September 18, 2014

Of wives and appreciation! Top 4 ladies leather handbags to gift her


Hello people! Greetings to everyone!!

My name is Shalu (pronounced Sha-loo, just in case you don’t mess it up, lol). As the owner of Soulful Collection and an avid blogger myself, I welcome you all into the exciting world of all that is leather.

Through these blogs, I hope to showcase witty, quirky and always fascinating information about leather bags, satchels, messengers, laptop bags and other handcrafted, eco-friendly products.

But enough of that, lemme tell you a joke now. Here it goes:

Wife: Our new neighbor always kisses his wife when he goes to work, why don't you do that? Husband: How can I? I don't even know her.

Men, Men, Men...I tell ya

As Bill Maher rightly pointed out, “You know… There is a name for people who are always wrong about everything all the time… Husband!”

The other day, my husband (yup, that very guy who’s wrong about everything all the time) told me about a ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ coming up on September 21.  He said it’s a popular day that gives husbands a chance to their love and appreciation for their wife. (Uhmm, ladies, am I the only one who’s already feeling so special?)

As soon as he told me about the day, I started joking about all the fancy gifts and lavish pampering I need from him on that day. From cooking my favorite Italian pasta to treating me to a spa, I mischievously bickered about all the small things that I want him to do for me (Yup, we do that to our husbands. Way to go girls!).

He must be feeling so silly for telling me about it.

Well, I don’t :)

While my husband finally gave up (or should I say, cave in, lol) to my demands, there’s another way men can perhaps pamper their girlfriend or wife (or both!) by presenting her with something special and eternal, just like how true love should be.

So for all you men, who wish to pamper your lovely lady, gift a unique product like designer leather handbags for women. (Add link: http://www.soulfulcollection.com/collections/ladies-leather-handbags)

I specially love the owl-faced design of some of these bags - it’s different and sexy. I have been using one of the bags to the office (read complete blog to find out which one), and trust me, it serves my purpose so well. Right from easily storing my iPad to conveniently pulling out some of the important office documents, it’s really not much of a big fuss.

Here are my four of my favorite ladies leather handbags to gift on ‘Wife Appreciation Day’ (oh please can we have it already!):

  1. Artisan Leather Handbag Large: Oooh, the owl-faced bag. Just looking at it gives me goose bumps. One of my favorites. Perfect companion for all the ladies.


  1. Hard Leather Handbag: This red leather briefcase is so deliciously yummy that I feel like eating it. Fashionable and high-quality styling.


  1. Leather Messenger Purse: The one that I carry to my office. Love the Indian embossing on it. Simple and elegant leather messenger purse. Truly ethnic.



  1. Medium Black Handmade Handbag: We call it the Tokri (Basket) bag in our language, Hindi. Always a classic.


If you wanna check out other leather tote bags, leather satchel, brown leather handbags and ladies leather handbags, go to the ‘Womens Bags’ section. Hope you like them all :)

So guys, how would you like to pamper your wife and show your appreciation to her? What gifts or ideas do you have in mind? Feel free to post your comments and share your feedback.


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