Brown Leather Messenger Bag: A love letter from cute customer

October 21, 2014

Hello peoples! 

It's the time of festive season across the world – from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to Diwali here in India. Also, autumn has arrived, bringing along cool, breezy winds - I totally love it! 

So that’s why during this Diwali weekend, I’m gonna enjoy my time by spending it with my husband and daughter, shopping, gorging on sweets and delectable dishes! 

That’s why no work for me, I’m gonna sit back, relax and enjoy and NOT blog this time. 

But wait, this time, I’ll let Christine do all the talking. 

Christine Steinbach, a spirited 16-year-old girl from Washington, D.C, wrote an amazing testimonial to me on her experience of using our brown leather messenger bag.

 So, without further ado, let’s read what she has to say: 


There are a few basic things that help me a LOT during the trying times – listening to music, my iPad, iPhone and watching YouTube to distress myself. But after buying this messenger bag from Soulful Collection, I can safely add another cool companion which makes me feel good. 

While my iPad and iPhone help me remember and organize my tasks, having a leather messenger bag by my side always help me retain my style and make me cool. 

Apart from being my ‘Style’ bag for all my chores, it has lent a certain charm to my personality. 

While we all go gaga and drool over the utilities of Apple products and their importance in shaping professional and personal lives, let me tell you more about my lovable brown leather messenger bag in simple pointers: 

1. This leather messenger bag is full of intelligence 

It’s a bag with optimal functionality. Apart from looking great and stunning, it solves every purpose of my to-do tasks. 

This bag is meant for laptop usage. Hence, the middle compartment walls are cushioned to keep my laptop pretty safe enough. 

A total of three compartments mean that I can throw in a lot of stuff around. Addition of two zippered pockets on the internal walls of the messenger means that my personal items do not get lost. So I put my iPhone charger, headphones, keys etc in those pockets. 

The bag also has an adjustable strap. And that is so COOL. There are days when I feel like smashing it, you know, creating a style statement. So I loosen up the strap and go footloose. 

Then there are days when I adjust the strap tightly and stay focused on the mission like exams, studies etc. So it’s amazing based on your convenience. 

 2. The messenger is made of real, natural leather 

OK, I admit it's not really a function of this particular messenger bag. But this bag is naturally processed using the concept of 'Vegetable Tanning', which makes the leather awesome in more ways than one.  

I’m a nature-lover, so I would never wanna have a bag that pollutes my mother earth. I have read about ‘Vegetable Tanning’ – it doesn’t use harmful chemicals during any course of the time.  

So why buy bags from factory-made leather products that are so expensive. I’ll definitely go with an indie companies like Soulful Collection to buy naturally-made leather products. 

What does all of this mean? Well, this brown leather messenger bag will always look youthful, be evergreen for years to come, have special characteristics like plush texture and natural elasticity. 

Isn't it awesome that the leather bag will actually look BETTER over years?

3. The brown leather bag is a great way to stylize yourself

At $138, I don't think you'll find a better leather messenger bag that's so vintage. It's a classic example of vintage bags – old-school, yet charming. It reflects a personality in a nice way, adding touch of elegance and style. I know it. It DOES! 

Trust me when I say this, a lot of times this bag has influenced how people perceive me. It's just the way this bag is made – a differential all the way. Beware; it'll make you really cool! 

So there you have it, a bag that runs with me, an iPad that manages my tasks, and an iPhone that's there for me for all my needs.

Thank you, Soulful Collection, for giving me an amazing bag to be with.  

(Thanks, Christine, for an amazing feedback. It was a joy to read your article. You’ve made my holiday truly memorable with your kind words :) 

Love, XOXO

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