Leather Satchel For Men: Let’s Find The Perfect One For You

December 14, 2014

Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There's going to be stress in life, but it's your choice whether you let it affect you or not. - Valerie Bertinelli

The choice is to be happy or sad. The choice is to react or not to react. Your choice to lead a stress-free, smooth and an easy life rests squarely on you.

I believe we all have the power to change ourselves. All it takes is a bit of intelligence and some common sense. We all have the power to change and uplift our lifestyle.

I see people worrying about nonsensical things and wasting all their energy over it. I observe people not really investing themselves in some of the important things in life – good food, quality lifestyle, disciplined health.

That is where the need to buy great quality products for a smooth, better experience and easy lifestyle come in. And what better way to start your search than buying things that matter to you the most – cosmetics, toiletries, clothes, shoes, and BAGS!

Yes, the bags also define you. They help you carry your favorite stuff in style. Whether it’s for practical utility or a style statement, bags today carry the distinction of being an individual’s best friend.

My husband adores his bag – the Leather Satchel 16” (he calls the bag his ‘man Friday’, LOL)


So this blog, I am going to talk more about Rustic Town Collection’s Leather Satchel Bag For Men (16-inch). We’ll also find if the bag suits your taste or style. Have doubts? Let’s answer them one by one:

1. Why do I need a leather satchel?

Nowadays, most people don’t leave the house without carrying their mobile phone, laptop, tablet,  keys, study notes, water bottle, books, etc. It’s going to be all too stuffy and uncoordinated to throw these things into the dark, dingy spaces of shoulder bags. It gets very confusing!

Leather satchels are great for carrying your daily, fixed items in style – now no need for big, unattractive bags for little things. Pick a dedicated pocket/slot for each item and relax.

2. Space: How spacious is this leather satchel?

rustic town leather satchel messenger bag crossbody

An organized bag for all your needs, this leather satchel is as spacious as it gets. This helps in getting you planned, knowing where to place each thing you want to carry.

We have designed it as a laptop satchel; you get a middle compartment that is cushioned to keep your 16” (or lesser width) laptop.

Further, there are three internal compartments, two zipper pockets internally, and one front pocket to carry your knick knacks.

So if you carry an iPad or any other tablet as a daily necessity, then this satchel is meant for you.

3. Quality of Leather Used

Only two points are sufficient to answer these questions:

  1. Its high-quality, genuine full-grain goatskin leather (More fiber strength and durability)
  2. It's Eco-friendly vegetable-tanned leather (Processed using natural oils; good for you, good for the environment)

In short, we’ve got the best leather :)

4. What’s the cost?

The cost of this leather satchel is $59.99. All leather goods at Rustic Town Collection are priced competitively, even less than that!

In fact, as part of the Christmas festive season, we are offering flat 15% discount on all products. All one has to do is use the discount promo code – ‘save15’ while ordering your favorite product. But hurry, the offer is valid till 31st Jan, 2015.

Add to that super-fast shipping and reliable team support, and you get a brand like Rustic Town Collection that is customer-friendly. Isn’t that awesome to have a bag at such a fantastic price?

Quality is not an act, it is a habit - Aristotle

Add a quality to your lifestyle; get your hands on this beautiful Leather Satchel now!



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