Guide To Portfolio and Padfolio

May 24, 2021

Guide To Portfolio and Padfolio

What are the Differences Between a Portfolio and a Padfolio?

When going out for a business meeting, you want something to pack your gears in. If you were a man, for example, you can't go out with a purse and you can’t even put your papers in your wallet. That leaves you with some other options; a briefcase, portfolios or padfolios.

Briefcases describe the most formal kind of gear that you can take with you on a business trip. While portfolios are quite attractive, padfolios are a little lesser well known. Because padfolios are as well known, many people don't know the differences between padfolios and portfolios. 

What is a Portfolio?

A portfolio is a great derivative of a briefcase. Some portfolios may have handles that make them appear like a compact satchel. A portfolio will normally have a zipper, are smaller in size than briefcases but some are bigger than a briefcase and contain several sections or pockets for storage of essential documents or even small laptops or tablets.

What is a Padfolio?

A padfolio is insignificantly different from a portfolio in some ways. Most padfolios do not have zippers, instead, they may have buckles to help fasten or secure their contents. Padfolios will allow you to hold a good quantity of papers and documents easily, but you can't put laptop or tablet as they are usually a little thinner than portfolios.

Padfolios vs Portfolios 

Much of the diversity that exists between a portfolio and a padfolio is what is on the interior and not the outside. In portfolios, one side is almost always used to store a large legal notepad or even a small tablet. The other side is partitioned into different segments; each to hold a particular item. The partition may hold several office items; from key cards to pen and smaller jotting pads.

Padfolios are a more simplistic derivative of portfolios. They are built to be more streamlined, manageable and more minimalistic design with the main goal of keeping papers, documents, and cards and a pen or two. Like portfolios, one side is always used to store a large legal notepad, while the opposite side could be created to store other materials like more papers and documents.

Which is right for you?

When choosing between these two items, always keep in mind that what is the purpose. If you just need something to organize your thoughts or you want to take notes? Try a padfolio! Need something a little larger to organize your whole day and you want to carry all the essential items to do business? Then a portfolio is the best choice!

WHERE TO BUY A Portfolio and Padfolio? 

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