Leather iPhone Case Wallet: The curious case of Men and their Mobiles

November 04, 2014

Leather iPhone Case Wallet: The curious case of Men and their Mobiles

Men, Men, Men…

Men have a fascinating connection with the wallet. A wallet or purse helps them organize and keep their daily essentials in place — identity cards, credit cards, cash, etc. In fact, wallets may very well be truly signified a man’s best accessory!

That’s why having a particular wallet represents power, influence, and attitude in your personality. You make a statement every time you pull out your wallet to pay. Not any purse will do, thank you!

Surprised to see so much emphasis on a wallet? Well, that’s exactly how it should be!

However, so many people even now treat their wallet as a junk folder - full of decrepit receipts, old visiting cards, and torn material lurking out. When you see something like that, you know it’s time to move on to something minimalist, yet spectacular. It’s time to move on to the world of leather mobile cases.

Yes, mobile cases that double up as a wallet! Awesome, isn't it? (Check out our complete range of Leather iPhone Wallets).

From basic designs like Leather Cell Phone Case iPhone 5 to fancy and stylish designs like Leather iPhone 5 Case Wallet, you can now have elegant and fashionable cases for your mobile phone {Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone4 or Samsung Galaxy S series (S4 or S5)}.

Since leather cases are one of the most crucial items for your handsets, you should be careful while selecting the best case. Consider the leather case that is the best fit for your phone model as functionality is the most important feature; go for those cases which give you easy access to buttons, side ports, and camera.

Since your phone is premium, it would be a dampener if you go for cheap mobile cases. Also, as phone devices become huge in screen size, they need to be safer while you’re on the move.

That’s why Rustic Town’s stylish leather phone cases are the perfect companion to keep your mobile device protected and padded.

Here are the top features of leather iPhone 5 case

1. Leather Cases add Protection

As against the hard plastic cases, the leather iPhone case protects your device very well by providing flaps that cover your entire screen.

Most of the cases are not strong enough as after falling on a hard surface, the components of mobile phones get damaged quite easily. However, Rustic Town vintage iPhone leather cases provide protection to the handset and act as a shock absorber against normal wear and tear damage, or fall.

2. Leather is durable…and eternal

Yes, leather is an evergreen and long-lasting product. Similarly, these leather cases are also mature beyond age – unlike plastic cases that may have a limited shelf-life; you do not need to purchase a leather case every now and then.

On the contrary, the eco-friendly leather used by us, which is 100% naturally processed using the concept of ‘Vegetable Tanning’, is unique and has its own life.

Although they are not the same for their entire life, they change and mature endlessly for the better. Like wine, they mature for good.

Why wouldn't you want to buy something that’s going to be in fashion always!

3. Adds value to your lifestyle through design:

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication - Leonardo da Vinci

The classic simplicity and elegance of a leather product is its greatest strength. That’s how a vintage leather product should be viewed as – simple, yet beautiful.

Besides, there are many different styles of mobile leather cases that are being created to add aesthetic appeal to your device. You can get your leather iPhone case in great designs, patterns, styles, and colors, thereby allowing you to choose the best piece that reflects your personal taste.

Take for example our Leather iPhone 5 Case Wallet. The phone case acts as a wallet with built-in pockets for most relevant credit cards, IDs, cash, etc.  

The flip cover design of these leather wallets covers your phone neatly and adds a stylish impression to your personality.

For premium smartphone users of Apple iPhone and Samsung S series, check out Rustic Town stylish range of leather cases.

To activate the call of your conscience, dial the number of your heart and go for a stylish mobile phone leather cover right now!

Love, XOXO

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