October 29, 2014


The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe - Gustave Flaubert. 

Having a journal and keeping it updated daily has a lot of benefits that you can make use of at all times. Apart from creating a record of your activities, writing in a journal also exudes a therapeutic liberation of sorts. Yes, I’m talking about old-school, pen & paper-based leather journals. 

Keeping a journal can be a long-term record of all your thoughts and emotions, long after your hard drive data crashes or your computer dies. Let’s take a look at a few life hacks writing a journal has to offer:

1. Journals are your de-stress mantra

There’s so much chaos around us - we don’t know how to stop, pause, and think. Issues like commuting, the pressure of work, cooking, household chores, etc haunt us every minute of our lives. 

Devoting some time to sit down and write a journal to help you calm yourself. When you pick up a pen and start writing, even if it is just half a page or so, you actually concentrate your brain to block out all the negative energies. 

Further, in a peaceful state of mind, your breathing slows down, thereby creating a holistic balance of wellness and improved being inside your body.

2. Journals and Notebooks help you to inspire


Flashes of brilliance and moments of inspiration tend to appear out of nowhere, isn't it? 

For the risk of losing or forgetting them, you need to jot them down somewhere - hence the use of journals. You can write down ideas on a journal as soon as they spring up – even if it’s a short poem, a doodle, a funny caption to tweet the next day, etc. 

Bedtime is relaxation time – the time for ideas to let loose and run inside your head. Eminent personalities like rap artist Eminem, brilliant scholars like Socrates, or creative minds like Salvador Dali are just a handful of people who were inspired by the constant scribbling of thoughts and ideas on their diaries and journals. 

Who knows, your manifestations and ideas may make you a famous person someday!

3. Soliloquy writing 

It’s your personal space. It’s your medium. Scream, shout, rant, and express yourself...in words. 

Writing is your sacred space – no one is going to judge you for it. Pour your deepest, darkest secrets, fears, joys, trials, and tribulations on to the paper. 

Write down stupid, silly, idiotic things that recently pissed you out. Vent out your frustrations at socially relevant issues that are haunting you. If it’s in your head, it’s gotta be on the paper! 

What’s more, getting it out on the journal may even bring some clear perspective in your head – you may feel absolved from that bitter truth that was haunting you for years. 

Are you worried that someone might peek into your journal and see it all? Don’t worry, at the Rustic Town, we have Leather Journal with Lock and locking journal as well.

4. Unleash your Creativity 

A journal isn't just for writing. It can also include pictorial representation like painting, doodling, sketching, building collage, pasting cut-outs of interesting pictures and clippings, etc.  

Instead of the usual paper-based journal, you can use heavy-duty vintage leather journals to add a touch of elegance and style. The touch of leather adds durability and style - they are evergreen, exude grandeur, and last longer.

5. A journal can help you achieve a goal 

Are you having trouble achieving a goal that you’d like to pursue? A journal can keep you motivated and on track. 

So whether your goal is to build your body, run a marathon, renovate your house or write a novel, dedicate yourself to writing few bits of pieces of inspiration in form of quotes, clippings, or motivational statements.

Set a target for yourself – complete a page or two days and write about it.

6. Makes you feel in tune with your inner self 

Many people may find silence to be eerie; however, it’s the blankness, the ‘nothingness’ inside our heads, which confronts your real self. That is the time you’re authentic with yourself. 

Who knows, when you write a journal, the beauty of its hardbound cover and the pleasant smell of paper may enrich you with creative thoughts and ideas.

Make sure you’re fully tuned in when you get down to the business of writing – no distractions of TV serials, loud music, or clattering noises of relatives next room. 

Before you sit down to write, breathe in deeply, flush out all the negative things inside your mind, and start journaling. It makes you become a better person. And viola! Let your creative juices flow. 

Still unclear as to what medium you should choose and why? 

I suggest you go through our range of vintage leather journals from Rustic Town, particularly the Locking Journal. Artistic in every sense, it brings out the best in you by adding value in every sense of the word. 

Accompanied by an elegant embossed art on the leather cover, this brown leather journal features an excellent display of sophistication that you haven’t seen elsewhere. 

Parting words until we meet next time: 

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

― Ernest Hemingway 


Love, XOXO

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