About Us



Who are we? 

Rustic Town is a tribute to the innate ‘Benevolence, for today, for tomorrow’ that we all possess. It is an idea, a meaningful perspective that brings out the best in all of us and drives us to reshape and rekindle our actions for the betterment of environment and society.

We are a small team of enthusiastic souls with a love for leather goods and accessories. We procure leather by ethical means and use sustainable and environment-friendly measures to craft leather essentials for thoughtful customers like you. We call our leather items ‘Collectibles’ as every leather item is designed with beauty, soul and purpose. So, when you show your love for a Rustic Town Collectible, you are also expressing your solidarity to our unwavering commitment to create leather with a soul.  

We are not a part of it, we are nature.

At Rustic Town, we believe that there’s only one Nature and it is our collective responsibility to care for it. Unfortunately, the leather industry worldwide is a serious threat to the environment. Taking our conscience as our guiding light, we have adopted several environment-friendly processes that make our leather stand out from all the rest. We use vegetable tannins that are largely gained from harvestable parts of plants and is in compliance with rules on protection of species. Our leather is devoid of harmful chemical and other synthetic substances. 

We create thoughtful products that are worth holding onto

What makes our leather special is the narrative that goes in every stitch, every detailing. Each of our ‘collectible’ is the fruit of more than a century of experience and love for the trade handed down from the old generations to the present set of artisan community.

We champion the cause of traditional leather art in India to encourage the traditional techniques of producing modern leather commodities. As a result, the deft hands of our artisans chisel out finest specimens of lost leather art adorned with contemporary vibes.  So while you are completing your day’s look with a Rustic Town collectible, you are also carrying an epoch of a lost art, something worthy to become an heirloom.

The Objects in our lives are the extension of who we are

For Rustic Town, it is always quality over quantity. We hand select the right leather for each bag. We put our heart and soul to make exquisite product for someone as unique as you are. We give undivided attention to the right weight, finish, swathe and cuts as we understand what all defines you and lights up your persona. This is who we are. We build relationships for lifetimes. Just like our leather – made to stand the test of time.

Protecting, Educating, and Empowering Orphaned Girls

With the Initiatives of ASAH who Protects, Educates, and Empowers orphans from the Republic of South Sudan all the way through school so that they will have the skills and knowledge to help their communities and their country restore and sustain peace.