Leather Laptop Backpack: One Bag, Many Roles

March 18, 2015

Like most of us, I'm used to juggling about 52 roles in life. Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend. Author. Sometimes I feel a bit 'multiple-personality' - Sophie Kinsella


No one understands the role of a multitasking better than women. We womenfolk reprise many roles in our lifetime. Many of us effectively tackle career, household and relationships with ease. It's inherent in our DNA.


It's the same DNA that all leather products at Rustic Town Collection inherit. Each of our leather bags can be used for various roles. They are casual, formal, ideal for work or play, can go perfect on a date or at an interview! It's interesting because till now, leather bags haven't really been explored so much in terms of their design and usage.


However, all that's gonna change as we've come up with a gorgeous bag that's as stunning as a woman's curves and as charming as the sight of an alluring man. Ladies & Gentleman, may I present to you, the latest entrant to our prestigious collection – the one and only Leather Laptop Backpack.


Made from the finest quality, full-grain goatskin leather, this leather backpack has been made for today's generation in today's times. It's attractive, functional and durable – all at the same time. I bet you won't find that unique combination in any other leather backpack!


Talking about roles, the designer leather backpack has 1 Front pocket, 2 Pockets on each side, 1 Zippered pocket on top flap, 3 large compartments, 1 Zippered pocket on the back side of the bag, and Briefcase Handle on top. Awesome, isn't it?


To understand more about how this backpack can easily be used to carry out your daily duties, let's take a look at some of the roles that it can perform:


Your 'School-College-Office' Backpack:

Tough as nails and strong as steel, the durability of leather is a well-known fact. The Eco-Friendly leather used at Soulful Collection makes every backpack a lifetime souvenir. Thus, the challenges that your everyday workplace throws at you can be dealt with ease with this amazing laptop leather backpack.


If you're a school student, this bag is spacious as hell to carry all your books and stuff. If you're a collegian, the bag gives out a classic impression of a stylish fashion accessory. And if you're a workaholic office-goer, then this backpack has got all the ingredients to make your day a memorable one – you can keep laptops, files, folders and carry all of your stuff without batting an eyelid.


Your Traveling Bag:

Are you one of those wild travelers type who loves to spend days into the wilderness with gay abandon? Worry no more, as this leather laptop backpack , with its dimensions of 16 (Height) x 12 (Width) x 5 (Depth) helps you pack in your traveling items in its spacious columns and make way for you to enjoy your trip.


Thus, for all outings, adventure trips, weekender getaways, treks and outdoor sporting activities, use this shoulder bag.


Your Shopping Bag:


Ladies have it all – they carry a handbag by their side and travel all over the place with that ultimate fashion accessory to hold things and stuff. But what about men? Poor souls have to carry everything in their pockets and hold extra items in their hands. But all that's gonna change with this leather backpack.


Come on, guys! Just be a little more adventurous and start using a backpack for god's sake! The backpack can save men of a lot of efforts. They can shop all around the place, placing their purchases in that spacious bag of ours. This bag can fit all kinds of stuff with ease.


So there you have it, the amazing leather backpack and it's various avatars as a your ultimate accessory bag. At $89, it's a lifetime supply of durability and functionality all rolled into one hell of a sparkling new leather backpack. Now that's something you gotta buy immediately!


What are you waiting for? To know more about the backpack, visit Rustic Town

As always, stay happy and blessed :)


Until me meet next time,





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