A Guide for a Satchel Bag.

September 03, 2020

A Guide for a Satchel Bag.

What is a satchel Bag? 

Satchels are normally structured bags, almost like a briefcase basically. Satchels have a deep shoulder strap which provides the wearer to carry the bag on the shoulder and let it travel on the hip or use it diagonally across the body. British school satchels of the nineteen fifties sometimes highlighted two straps so that the bag could be carried as a back-pack.

Vintage Leather Satchel

What is a satchel bag used for? 

satchel is a bag with a strap, traditionally used for stocking books, Tablets, Laptops & many other miscellaneous things. It is best for a college-going student who carries books, notes, files, etc. and also for the office going men who carry a laptop, files, papers, keys, etc. 

Leather Satchel bag for men

What is the best satchel bag? 

Satchel bag can be made of anything, from cotton, nylon, and synthetic materials but the most upscale ones are made of leather. Depending on design can be comparable to being used as a Shoulder bag or being used as a briefcase. Compared to a messenger bag a satchel bag is normally smaller in length but somewhat thicker as to width.

Leather satchels

How big is a satchel bag?

Satchel bags became fashionable in the 1700s among students as a means of stocking books. This bag ranges in size, but it typically comes in mid to large size with a flat bottom. A common satchel will have dimensions of 16 x 5 x 11 inches, large enough for you to carry a good collection of personal items without getting the bag annoyingly heavy to carry.

How to carry a satchel bag?

Satchels have a deep shoulder strap which gives the wearer to carry the bag on the shoulder and let it travel on the hip or use it diagonally across the body. It is a perfect option, it comes in a variety of different sizes from- small, medium, and large which are big enough to put a laptop in it. So that you can carry your stuff in style. 


Leather satchel bag for men

Where to buy a satchel bag? 

You can get your perfect satchel bag from online stores like Amazon or Walmart. Or you can buy it from us. Rustic Town has a huge variety of Top-Grain Leather Satchels for men and women. We champion the cause to encourage the traditional technique of producing leather satchel bags. We have a wide range of sizes and variations in styles available for you to make a perfect choice for your specific needs. 

Satchel bag for men

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