How we empower women in Rustic town.

We believe in gender equality, Financing in gender equality and women’s empowerment can open human potential on a transformational order. For communities to increase, women and girls, men and boys must have equal passage to education, healthcare, and technology. They must have a similar power of resources, lands, and markets. They must have equal rights and possibilities as peace-builders and leaders.

4 ways to empower women and girls:

  • Comfort girls and women in crisis.
  • Invest in a small business proprietor.
  • Encourage new moms.
  • Discuss the gentlewomen in your life that you care about.

  • Inspire :
At rustictown, we inspire women to make the leap. Outside support is an excellent method of building self-confidence. Did you know that today 63% of couples are dual-income, but the workplace has only improved marginally for women? Women run into difficulties and preferences all the time, and we’re not seeing the truth that they do the majority of the unpaid work that happens at home. But not in rustictown, we are not biased with girls or women. We give equal rights to both men and women.


  • Develop 

We in rustictown develop fair parental leave management. A balanced and sturdy parental leave policy will reduce the stigmatization and complexity of women responding to work after having children or children.  


  • Generate 

We generate more choices for ladies. This difference among the genders normally happens when a woman chooses to start a family. At this step, women perform a less effective career-focused role because of their family responsibilities. To mark this, we build more manageable choices for women like half-day work or work from home, So that women can manage both work and house duties simultaneously. 


  • Pay an equivalent salary 

We pay an equivalent salary to the women for the same work and exposure. There is nothing that businesses experience better than the bottom line. But, when it occurs to paying for equity capital, women get an aggregate of 21 cents per dollar lesser than their male counterparts. Supporting people to imagine about gender in the workplace and the need for these changes is a difficulty. People will question how this changes revenue. But several things are still necessary, even if they are not visible. That's why we pay equally according to their work and participation. 

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