What Makes a Leather Clutch and a Wallet Different?

Leather Clutches and wallets are accessories made for certain purposes. A clutch is a small, flat handbag with our without straps and handles. It is meant to add to the overall look of an outfit. Thus, women would want a clutch to match their cocktail dress or gown instead of having a handbag designed to go with everything. Meanwhile, a wallet is intended to keep cash, cards, and Ids in place. But because a clutch can be of the same size and frame as a wallet, it is not surprising to see people using clutch wallets. Read on to know how clutches and wallets differ:

Different Uses

A clutch is primarily used to carry small items. One of the attractions of a clutch is its theatricality. Anyone with a clutch becomes an instant starlet. Because it has to be held by a hand, which means the owner is conscious about its position. Clutches are designed to capture attention so it they require performance. Meanwhile, a wallet is made for keeping cash, credit cards, store cards, and IDs. A clutch may have your favorite lip gloss and a packet of mints.Leather bags (2)


A lot of people value a clutch bag’s aesthetic value and they value the practicality, durability, and strength of a wallet. Because of the difference in characteristics, a wallet, and a clutch differ in their design. While a clutch is generally rectangular, a wallet can be of any shape. Some wallets open at the top to include a fabric tab closure or zipper. Others feature a flap that folds over the top and fastens on the front. Those with longer frames can accommodate bills, coins, ID cards, and credit cards.


In general, clutches are bigger than wallets to accommodate more items. Because a wallet is intended for storing a few things, its size is smaller than a clutch.

How they are Carried

Clutches are meant to be held by hand for evening fancy occasions, evening dates, or even to the office. But, some clutches have a chain or detachable strap so they can be sling on the shoulder. A wristlet clutch can be worn by just strapping it on the wrist. Clutches that have a wide frame can fit snugly under the arm. How a wallet is carried depends on its overall size and who uses them. Wallets for men are meant to be tucked into pockets while women’s wallets are stored inside the purse or placed inside pockets. Some people carry their bigger wallets like a clutch.


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