Explore the Various Types of Leather

December 13, 2019

Explore the Various Types of Leather

There are different kinds of leather used in various products such as accessories, furniture, vehicles, and footwear. The differences among these types boil down to how the leather is made and treated. That is why different leather can be used in different ways. This guide will walk you through some of the kinds of leather:

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather features a natural look. It has not been finished to cover any imperfections, therefore, creating a natural look. Usually, this kind of leather is used as upholstery on furniture. Full-grain leather is quite durable and resistant to scratch. Indeed, it tends to look better with age and wear. Full-grain leather has a distinctive smell that makes it recognizable. Moreover, it is treated to protect the material against stains. With all these characteristics, it only makes sense that full-grain leather is the most expensive.

Top Grain Leather

Sometimes, the full-grain leather’s surface may be smoothed by sanding to correct noticeable imperfections. This is called top grain leather. Because of the sanding process, a finishing coat is applied to the surface of top grain leather.

Suede Leather

This kind of leather features a soft and fuzzy surface. This makes it perfect for making shoes and clothing. Suede leather originates from split-grain leather, so it is more affordable than full grain or top grain leather. But, suede does not have resistance to spills, liquids, and stains. In terms of durability, it tends not to last longer than other kinds of leather.

Split Grain Leather

This kind of leather is produced using a very thick animal hide. Such a process includes splitting the leather into a couple of pieces. It leads to a greater surface area of leather to work with; however, it also causes extra stress to the hide itself. That is why split-grain leather is often treated with chemicals to restore its original durability and strength.

Regenerated Leather

Regenerated leather is used for a surface that will get plenty of wear or potential spills. It features smooth, matte, and plastic-like finish. To produce this kind of leather, the low-grade animal hide is compressed into a strong and hard surface.  Then, it is treated with a thick layer of polyurethane for extra durability. Because of its finish, regenerated leather is often not considered genuine leather.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is fake leather used for both ethical and pricing reasons. It is entirely man-made using synthetic materials which is why it is often more durable and resistant to weather than other kinds of leather. Faux leather can also be colored and styled.

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