Should you Use a Backpack or Briefcase for Work?

The briefcase gets its name from the legal documents that lawyers carry. Meanwhile, the backpack has been a beacon of practicality associated with college kids with their or travel enthusiasts with their survival kits. In terms of structure, the functioning pockets, generous capacity, and ergonomic design of a backpack make the narrow briefcase look a bit dated. Backpacks hold everything you need, have lots of pockets, save your back when heavy loads are involved.

With a leather briefcase, you need to hold with your hand at all times while a backpack provides the type of hands-free flexibility that lets you take a call, hail a cab, or adjust your tie. But, despite the lack of practicality, the briefcase features authority and style. The briefcase is classic. It has been the staple of working men since the 1850s and presents an impression of the user’s seriousness about their work. To decide whether to use a briefcase or leather backpack to work, take the following factors into consideration:

Space and Volume

Both briefcase and backpack can be identical in volume but the backpack may feel much bigger because of its cavernous main body. Meanwhile, the briefcase is slender, although it can be knitted with exterior pockets and leather straps to carry items such as newspapers. Its usable space is spread thinner which makes it impossible to carry bulky items such as gym shoes and lunchboxes. In terms of versatility, the backpack is the sure winner.


Conventional boardroom bags were nice leather creations; however, the leather straps made getting anything out of the bag tricky. While today’s briefcases can still have full-grain leather on the trim and handles, getting into these bags is a breeze. A backpack allows access from side zippers and top pockets. But, a briefcase is more accessible as everything stays in the same orientation.

Price and Value

Professional bags are often expensive. But, reputable brands have managed to keep their price point reasonable. But, in general, the genuine the leather in a bag the higher its price will be. Although the backpack is more versatile, the leather satchel tends to feel more significant and useful for its purpose and it can be available at a few-dollar-cheaper price point.

Commute Comfort

People working in a professional setting who go to the gym and carry lots of digital devices may want to use a backpack. This is because two straps across the shoulders tend to bear weight better. However, executives who are carrying just a laptop, business cards, and documents are fine with a briefcase. Also, backpacks can wrinkle suit and shirts around the shoulders.

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