Bifold or Trifold Wallet: Picking the One that Suits your Taste and Style

Men invest in a functional and fashionable wallet. A wallet is an extension of one’s personality so it is important to think twice before making a choice. The bifold and trifold wallets are the common styles for men in which essentials can be fitted without straining the seams. The wallet to choose will depend on your preference and lifestyle.

What are the Differences?

Bifold wallets are rectangular and can be folded in half. Often, they are composed of one long open compartment for keeping money and some pockets for keeping credit cards, receipts, ID cards, and other essentials to be arranged either vertically or horizontally.

Meanwhile, trifold wallets are rectangular; however, they have two flaps that can be folded to the center with every portion making a third of the wallet’s length. A trifold wallet also has one long open compartment to keep money and other pockets for cards and other stuff that can be arranged vertically.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Style you Want

Whether you want to buy a bifold or trifold wallet, consider the following to make an informed decision:

  • Leather quality. Even if you don’t know a lot about judging leather quality, you can identify by impressing a double layer together. Also, you can confirm it through the material’s natural softness and aroma. Leather wallets that are not coated with pigments emerge with fine pores.
  • Sewn edges. The majority of wallets are made with single fold edges that are cut once doubled. Those with the highest quality have a double fold on the shell and the stitching, allowing the stitching and the shell to neatly go to the edge. Often, a bifold wallet’s edges are completed in single stitches while the edges of the trifold enjoy double stitching because of the many bifurcations and compartments.
  • Durability. The main difference between a bifold and trifold wallet is how long they still look good. A cheap wallet can last a few years; however, good quality wallets have stable long-term value and will last for a long time when taken care of properly. The bifold wallet usually stays longer than its trifold counterpart because of light usage and the limited number of compartments.
  • Size. A bulky-sized wallet is hard to carry in aback or front pocket and a wallet too little makes it impossible for the user to orient in the hip pocket. For the majority of jeans hip pockets, a 4”x3.5: wallet is the most suitable.

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