Top Three Best Travel Bags: Which one is For You?

November 10, 2019

Top Three Best Travel Bags: Which one is For You?

Whether you are a type of traveler who doesn’t like to check in your bag or prefer to pack more than you need, you need to use the right travel bag for your travel style. Travel bags can be stand-alone pieces for specific trips and play well together for travelers who want to mix and match. Below are the top three choices for travel bags:

Carry-on Bags with Pockets

These leather travel bags suit travellers who loathe checking a suitcase; however, don’t travel light. This bag has interior compartments sectioned for organizational purposes and a water-resistant laundry bag to keep dirty or damp clothes separate from fresh clothing. Some carry-ons even have a built-in front pocket for all items you wish to keep handy such as headphones, books, glasses, and others. Also, some roller bags are expandable if you want to stuff them to full capacity. Lightweight carry-ons provide all the features you love such as durable wheels, retractable handles, multiple compartments and more in compact sizes that are lightweight and easy to carry. Also, they are designed to fit in the overhead bin. Carry-ons are often the way to go as it is always nice to arrive at your destination with your bags


You can find many fancier and flashier leather backpacks on the market with many featuring efficient and intuitive design. Some backpacks double as a briefcase when not in your back and have the requisite padding for a tablet or laptop. However, they are not bulked up by the padding should you decide to leave your devices at home. Many modern backpacks have a big capacity and mesh on the back and shoulder straps for breathable ventilation. While they may not be designed for hiking, they are water-resistant and feature great versatility. Indeed, a backpack can only be your bag for a weekend trip if you pack light.

Laptop Bag

A laptop bag is a great option if you are a frequent business traveler. A stylish leather laptop bag has room for your MacBook Pro, as well as a tiny pocket, a tablet sleeve, cord passages and whatever you may need for your commute or trip. The newest generation of laptop bags even has a tech compartment with a butterfly design to let you protect your electronics when they pass through airport security machines. Its main compartment may expand for supplies that you might want to bring for overnight travel.

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