Leather Travel Bag

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Vintage and classic in shape, design and feel, these are the best travel bags you could ever get your hands on. These travel duffel bags are created with the sole intention of complementing your lifestyle in an efficient yet stylish way.


Material: Eco Friendly Leather SKU: DF24KR Weight: 2.5 kg
Color: Brown Dimensions: 10.5(H) X 24(W) X 10(D) Country of Manufacturing: India

A leather travel bag is something that’s part of your life in an endearing way. And that’s why we at Soulful Collection believe in the creation of superbly crafted products at affordable prices for you.

So here we present to you an amazing mens leather travel bag. These leather travel bags are ideal for your adventurous expeditions in life.These travel bags can also be used by women and men for daily outings – as a gym bag, a bag to keep your personal storage items like books and winter clothes etc.

So hurry! Grab these leather travel bags now and welcome to the good life!

  • 1 Front pocket.
  • 2 Additonal pockets, one on each side.
  • 1 Adjustable Shoulder strap.
  • Carry Handles on top.

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