Spring Fashion Trends: Leather, Denim tops the list!

April 18, 2015

Spring Fashion Trends: Leather, Denim tops the list!

Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream - Donatella Versace


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It was a crazy time in some parts of the United States, with the icy-cool winds and heavy layers of snow wreaking havoc on the lives of people living there. Obviously, people were dreaming of the spring season to come and unfurl the much-needed warmth. The warm and sunny weather, blooming flowers, and clean blue skies are some of the beautiful aspects of having a spring season.


In terms of fashion, the new spring season is a great way to rest those hefty woolens and pull out the florals, white dresses, and light wardrobes. It's about creating a fresh and innovative look for stylish YOU!


For the Spring collection, designers created fresh and contemporary trends inspired by everyday fashion. Surprisingly, this time we saw the use of leather, neutral colors, and denim to design stylish dresses for the season.


As someone who is part of a leather brand like Rustic Town, the use of leather in fashion is exciting and encouraging for us leather retailers. We believe it will bring a lot of fresh designers towards the durable fabric.


Let's take a look at some of these fashion trends that hogged the limelight during Spring 2015:


Neutral Colors


This spring, neutral colors made a lot of headlines on the runway. Fashion houses such as Lanvin chose neutral colors, kept it minimal and light for a relaxed look this spring. They are used a lot of pastel white colors in cotton, silk, and other delicate fabrics.


The designer label also made sure to bring in loose-fitting suits into the collection for a laid back and sophisticated look and feel.


The Spring collection from various fashion houses witnessed a lot of flattering neutrals. Beige, black, white, ivory, taupe, black, and gray are some of the colors that really made some unique statements.


To emphasize the dresses, the garments had incorporated a whole lot of buttons, straps, cut-outs lined with fringe to create an effect. Plenty of colors, yet the diverse range of neutrals.




Leather was also a major inspiration for many spring collections. Designers decided that leather fabric wasn’t just functional for cold-weather but could still also be stylish and trendy for spring.


Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Versace are some of the designers who used deeply rich colors to create appealing fashion collections.


LV brought many colorful outfits with long strips of leather which were pieced together. The dress was bright, inventive, and gave a unique spin to the unconventional fabric. The look was completed with leather boots and leather handbags with a different patchwork. The entire collection in totality embraced leather to create distinct, leather items for spring.



Versace interpreted leather in an artistic manner, with the use of square and swirl cutouts. The use of pastel and basic colors made leather stood out really well. The delightful mix of cut-outs and spring colors created a spunky yet refreshingly light collection.


Both designer labels proved that leather is such a fabric that can be modified for creative aspirations and styling a new perspective for spring/summer collection.



Not only leather, but the denim was also another fabric that was a massive choice for spring runways. Prada this year took denim to greater heights. For them, the thing that worked was the best was stitching pattern, the use of big buttons, and the use of denim with different fabrics. Silk, leather, and other fabrics were stitched together with denim to create a premium look. The different fabrics gave a diverse and fresh approach to the overall style.


Anthony Vaccarello took a subtle approach to create a stylish collection from denim. The result was a mix between dark and a light shade of denim. He also created mini skirts that were diagonally cut.


To further complement the collection, Vaccarello accented the look of straps, buckles, and pinstripes. The overall collection consisted of separate items that were easily mixed and matched. To sum it up, Vaccarello's collection of denim and leather had casual yet modern sensibilities thrown in together.


Each of these trends offered functionality and effortless style. Spring 2015 collection was all about turning basic items into new and varied looks.


Leather and denim have been traditional favorites for the fall and winter season only. However, a fashionista can bring in some change in her styling for spring. For example, a leather jacket would match perfectly with a denim skirt or pants and a white t-shirt. The look can be completed by accessorizing chic leather handbags and satchels from Rustic Town.


What do these fashion trends tell you? That it's all about creative thinking and fusing different elements together. One shouldn't be afraid to mix different spring trends for the final look.


With these tips in mind, one can create a fashionable look for spring and summer season. Keep these helpful tips in mind to ensure a fresh, stylish, and easy look for spring.


Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!' - Robin Williams


So then, Let's Party :)





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