Gadget Cases & Covers: The importance of buying them

There are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts - Charles Dickens


I remember back in the '90s, mobile phones, and laptops were touted as the 'next big things'. Technology had just started to seep into our lives - we used to be enamored by the sight of these products. I remember the world of pagers - when I would call the operator to drop a 'happy birthday' message to my cousin on his pager. It was kind of a luxurious thing at that time to own tech products.

Back then, there wasn't much talk about owning a mobile cover or a case. It was hardly a thing to be discussed in those days. Mobiles were strong, box-like, and had all sorts of buttons and less of the screen; there weren't any sensors, huge touch screens as well.

But with the advancement of technology and rippling sales of gadgets in the 21st century, cell phones, laptops, tablets, and PCs have become an indispensable part of our lifestyle. It's very hard to imagine living without our iPhones and iPads.

With the simplification of use and a plethora of apps to entertain the consumers, people have become tech-addicts, gadget freaks, and YouTubers like crazy. Everyone is literally on the phone these days and social networking has become more important than actual networking. That has also impacted the world surrounding these gadgets - accessories, such as mobile covers, laptop skins, cases, organizers, wallets, etc.

Many people don’t go for covers and skins. So the next obvious question is – do you actually need one? I believe the answer is a definite YES!

While new laptops, tablets, and mobile phones look splendid with their glossy looks, soon those devices start becoming dull and weary due to constant wear and tear. Our dirty and sweaty hands, dust in the air, and pollution do get transferred onto the device. Thus, you need a cover for your tech devices.

While mass-produced tech equipment has a generic face and style, the use of covers and skins has the power to personalize your devices and add a touch of fashion in your lifestyle. So much, so that owning a mobile cover is as much a necessity as buying a mobile phone.

At Rustic Town, creating simple and easy leather products that compliment your modern lifestyle has always been our priority. With that in mind, our iPhone mobile covers (also compatible with other mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxy S series), iPad covers, and laptop cases offer a sense of class and refinement to your gadget. Further, our Rustic Town Collectibles act as efficient organizers and wallets, thereby offering excellent functionality and simplification.

Let's look at some of the other features of having a gadget accessory and benefiting from it:


Leather Iphone cover case rustic town


There will be times when your phone or tablet will fall, bump, strike, and rough up against hard surfaces. Your grip on the phone may slip up; the outer shell could chip off and the screen may develop a crack. The damage may intensify if internal components are affected.

Take my example; I went to the beachside in Bali a few years ago to enjoy the pristine blue waters. By mistake, I had kept my phone inside a duffel bag and kept it in the sand when a large wave crashed onto it thereby damaging the screen of the phone. Ultimately I had to replace the screen panel, costing me a great deal of money.

Scratches, cuts, and marks are natural if you don't add a cover. There are even chances of damaging your phone. Thus, having a cover is really important. While cases add a layer of protection, some really remarkable covers completely secure your phone against these shocks.

Then there are some who only use the humble yet potent screen guard alone. I agree on the screen guard is also an important purchase for all touchscreen-based devices. However, there's only so much that screen guards can do. Newer models come equipped with toughened screen glasses (Corning Gorilla Glass). Screens no longer need screen guards to avoid scratches from nails and fingers. But if your phone is there in the pocket with keys, coins, or other sharp pointy objects, the back body may get roughed up.

That's why you need a comprehensive body cover that protects your device inside out – maybe like an iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case or a Genuine Leather Case for iPad that offers layered protection along with style and sophistication.



Apart from protecting your gadget, cases and covers add a visual identity to your device. Everyone has that same device that you have; what difference have you made in order to personalize your gadget externally? Just like everyone loves adding new themes, ringtones, wallpapers on the inside, the outside of your gadget also demands a special touch of your personality as well, don't you think?

You can personalize your gadget by covering with cool, funky or elegant 'skins' (panel covers with graphic designs). You may opt for colorful back panels in pop colors such as pink, purple or electric green (Motorola does that with its Moto X, G & E models). Adding colorful covers, back panels and skins add a personal touch to an otherwise a factory-made device.

A 'Moto Shell' Cover for Motorola G

For a more refined and elegant taste for those who like it vintage and classy, there are leather cases and covers from Rustic Town. If you're an iPhone or iPad owner, you're holding one of the most accomplished devices the world has ever seen. Naturally then, you just can't add a cheap, gimmicky cover on top of it! The unique, handmade leather covers feel good to touch and adds a touch of royalty in the eyes of its owner.

Great Organizers/Wallet

Gadget cases and covers can act as great organizers and wallets with innovative design. Having multiple pockets, folds, and slots on a cover can squeeze a lot of daily items easily, thereby adding convenience while you're out somewhere.

Take, for example, the iPhone 6 Leather Case from Rustic Town. It has built-in credit card slots and a bill compartment, thus acting as a perfect organizer and a wallet for your everyday needs. So now you can carry your iPhone, an ID card, 3-4 bills, and at least 6 credit cards together in that leather case. And yet, it's compact and well suited to fit in the palm of your hands or inside the pockets of your trousers.

There are so many other vintage leather organizers and wallet cases for your premium tech devices at Rustic Town Collection. Not only do they look good and classy, but they also help you add IDs, notes, photos in it to save you from the inconvenience as well.

Thus, protective covers are an important part of any device and you must take care to ensure and take care of it at all times, also adding style and glamor to define your sense of fashion.

Go for the evolved designs of the leather covers at Rustic Town Collection and enjoy the comfort of holding soft and sleek covers that adds a lot of value in your life.

To find out more about the cases and covers available at Rustic Town Collection, click here.

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