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Decoding Women and their penchant for handbags!


Hey I was walking my bag

Through a 20 story non-stop snow storm

Pirelli calendar girls wrestling in body lotion

My head's swimming with poetry and prose

Excuse me one moment whilst I powder my nose...


(A verse from 'Lloyd Cole & The Commotions' song - My Bag)


Hey Peeps! Wassup?


You know, there isn't a single woman who'll ever say “I hate bags!” or “I think I have them enough”. It's just not possible :)


Women can never have enough of handbags and the likes of it. There are tons of fashionable handbags in an amazing array of colors, designs and brands. There are branded outlets offering designer handbags for every occasion, event or function.


While I sell mostly affordable and vintage leather handbags for ladies at Soulful Collection, that doesn't mean I don't love to talk about the world of handbags and discuss the history of it.


You'd think that luxury handbags would be the object of desire for supermodels and rich ladies? Wrong! You'd be surprised to know the crazy things that college girls and middle-class working women from all spheres of life do to save up money for that one oh-so-adorable bag!


But why do we ladies find handbags so desirable?



Firstly, because women handbags have become a unique exterior style statement of a woman's status, fashion sense, and purchasing power. Secondly, handbags over the past century have followed the increasing social independence of their owners.


The evolution and conceptualization of handbags can largely be interlinked with the kind of roles a woman played centuries ago. Back then, a woman was largely domesticated, not leaving out of home most of the times. She would keep all her belongings in a small purse tucked into the fold of her dress.


However, soon as women started to work and come out in the open for leisure and recreation, they needed a big bag to carry their ever-increasing possessions. Subsequently, as rail and sea travel became more common, the surge in popularity of stylish luggage and accessories increased.


Deemed too bold and risqué for a woman to flaunt her personal belongings back then, handbags these days no longer have that kind of reputation. Handbags add a tinge of sex appeal to our personalities; it remains an accessory that is associated with our deepest possessions, both emotionally and physically.


That is why many of the handbag brands, such as Hermes, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. came into existence in the late 19th and 20th centuries only when women's financial and social empowerment gained eminence. And now, look how much luxury handbag brands rake in!


But why do women love handbags so much?


That's because for a woman a handbag has a deeper connect than just carrying items for her. It reveals and conceals something intimate about its owner. Maybe it's inherent in us, it's in our DNA.


In modern day and age, a handbag is a must-have survival kit to complement your modern lifestyle. The urban chaos in the concrete jungle of cities ensures that we carry everything in our bags – mobile phone, make-up, books, laptops, even dresses, shoes, hair straighteners. Crazy, but true! Funnily enough, many men think about the whole 'what's in her bag?' approach quite sexy and thrilling, though one should never dare to invade her privacy.


A handbag is such a comfortable feeling for women that most of them feel naked without it. As clothes become more minimal, it is the choice of your handbag that actually makes you stand out from the crowd.


So many handbags: Spoilt for choice!


The story of the growth of the handbag industry is an amazing one – so much so that bags were growing at twice the rate of clothes. With so many handbags out there screaming for attention, what is it that gives the handbag that rare, sparkling 'Wow' status?


First, it's the distinctive design. A bag needs to be unique to its brand – it needs to be recognized for its looks that differentiate it from the rest. Take for example Chanel's 2.55 bag (the gold chain strap), Baguette from Fendi or better still, the Eco-Friendly vintage leather handbags from Soulful Collection.


Second, the important criteria for that amazing handbag have to be glamor. The magical connect with a user is often the most important selling point. That comes only when the handbag has that stylish edge.


Bags are aspirational in nature - you see royalties, actresses and fashion divas carrying glamorous bags and you crave for those items as well. The classic case of Princess Grace of Monaco shielding her pregnant belly with a Hermes bag or Princess Diana sporting a Lady Dior after separating from Prince Charles is a golden opportunity for bag makers to create a stunning reputation! You desire for these bags more than ever.


It's a win-win situation for women as well who carry these unique handbags in their arms – after all, it makes for a killer combination, adding gravitas to your personality. You look seductive, stylish and sophisticated.


As a result, brand sometimes take stock of that situation and create ingenious tactics to lure customers. Clever marketing tactics include the use of 'limited-editions', increase in price tags, and waiting lists. But only a handful of bags has that qualities to be defined by these marketing logics.


For others, it's the good old qualities of being clean, non-fussy, luxurious and functional that is important for consumers. The best quality, finest leather, and handcrafted stitching goes a long way in making your handbag a memorable one. That's what it makes an iconic bag.


So no amount of marketing gimmicks can really take forward your product unless it's backed with tradition, quality, craftsmanship, and lineage. That, coupled with a good price, is a good enough proposition.


It is these qualities that Soulful Collection practices in its range of handbags. The Eco-friendly vintage leather handbags are a delightful combination of both charm and functionality. It's not catered to be the 'IT' bag; rather, we aim to be true to the concept of fashionable leather bags at an affordable price and good quality.


Take a look at our Designer Womens Handbag. Or Large Brown Leather Handbag. Better still, catch a glimpse of Designer Ladies Purse. Each one of these bags is exceptionally beautiful, stylish and true to the quality of what a leather handbag should be. And some more.


That's what handbags do to you. It makes you fall in love with it.


For a true bag lover, that's what matters the most.


Until we meet next time,





Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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