Journal, Blog, Comment, and YouTube: Express Yourself!

April 26, 2015

Journal, Blog, Comment, and YouTube: Express Yourself!

Let Your Creative Juices Start Flowing!!

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge - Albert Einstein


Hello, People!


With the advent of social media, everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You write something to elicit a laugh, share photographs to garner attention or to make a point and deliver a message. But there's only so much that a Facebook post or a short tweet can do. Why don't we creatively express ourselves (instead of just consuming loads of fun-loving information on social media) through deep, intimate, and thoughtful blogs and journals?


While I blog here, I also love to keep a journal and write or scribble down a few things that come in my mind every night. I use Best Leather Journal from Rustic Town, a leather diary with a wonderful 'Sun-pattern' engraving on its cover.


I have been journaling for a few years now. I started writing out of sheer curiosity. It so happened that while creating brand Rustic Town Collection, I was looking at a lot of leather journals – designs, concepts, and the elements used in them (quality of paper, binding, etc.). To test the efficacy of our journals and how consumers would react to them, I started using the yellow leather journal every day. That's when I started writing – from important project notes to gradually venting out inner feelings and experiences over the years.


Surprisingly, I started writing whenever I felt angry, upset, or frustrated. I used the creative medium of writing in a journal) in a philosophical way to identify who I am and why some things were making me sad, angry, or even happy. The idea of keeping a journal resonated with me; it became an emotional affair that recharged me from within.


Nowadays, my journals are a collection of introspections, quotes, comments about current news events that bother me, recipes, and reviews of books that I have read. And some of these I share with you through my blogs here.


Ready to express? Great!

In the age of WhatsApp, FaceBook, and Twitter, tons of content is created every second and disseminated on these social platforms. Some messages go viral, get shared, and retweeted countless times. It’s become like an addiction to checking out new ‘infotainment’ (information with entertainment) and start raving about it. You’re the end consumer of all messages, not its creator.


However, it’s about time you shun the passive route and become active by creating your own content for the world to see. There are way too many routes to unleash your creativity or pour your heart out on different things in life.


If you like the art of reading and writing, you can start a blog, keep a diary or a journal. All three are some form of personal or individualized writing. In case you’re confused about what the difference between the three is, let me explain.




A diary is made date wise and chronicles the events that happened during the course of a particular day and time. Diarists think of their diaries as a confidant with whom they can share their innermost feelings; it’s as if you’re almost writing to your dear friend. You have a sense of feeling that someone is listening to you and paying attention to your thoughts.




A journal is just like a diary, except that you document your life not necessarily as a daily activity. Also, a journal can be of many types – there are travel journals, workout journals, news journals, etc. In journals, you may keep track of a particular subject and talk about it. It’s periodical in nature, essentially.




A blog is a form of a diary or journal that is for public consumption. It is digitally recorded and uploaded on the Internet for everyone to see and possibly comment upon. These online diaries or journals are a way to express you to millions around the world. The blog is your personal opinion on a news event or an issue that is close to your heart (such as a travel blog, a food blog, a film review blog, etc.)


You can turn this hobby into a professional career by creating your own website and posting different, interest audio-visual elements along with your blog.


The blog has really changed the dynamics of the way people express and offer their opinion online. It is easy to set-up and use. It’s a great way for marketers to get in touch with the online community as well.


Then there are other platforms as well, where one can showcase his/her talent to creatively express their vision. You can start a new YouTube channel and upload videos of your culinary skills. You can post short 7-second loopy Vine videos and play around its fun element. If you have an idea, there are tons of ways through which you can express yourself.


I am ready! But how do I begin?


If you’re ready to take the plunge now and wish to start writing, it’s a good idea to start with a journal first. Journals will help you collect ideas, hone your writing skills, and make you a better writer with each passing day. You can jot down a lot of ideas for your blog later on with different themes and subjects. All you got to do is write as if you’re writing to a friend. Try to describe in a creative manner so that your creativity comes out.


Looking to buy a journal? To get the perfect journals for this journey, I suggest you check out Rustic Town Collection. There are various leather journals, all of which are unique and handmade for an immersive experience. The designs are elegant and classy, the quality is excellent and the binding is durable. I’ve used it myself and it feels good to pen your thoughts on that crispy rough paper.


If you have something to tell, the world will listen to you, for sure. All you need is an idea and a platform.


My interest lies in my self-expression - what's inside of me - not what I'm in - John Turturro


As always, until we meet next time.





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