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Weekend Getaway Trip: Planning Tips for your next journey


Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home - Matsuo Basho


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Weekend getaways are the best way for office-goers to relax and get some rest. Instead of taking a week-long vacation you can probably go for weekend getaways as an alternative as well. A major benefit of taking a weekend getaway is that these small trips can be taken more frequently as opposed to those week-long holidays (that happens only once or twice a year). It doesn't affect your employers, and you come back feeling refreshed more often.


Weekend getaways also bring a lot of fresh ideas that helps your life, both personally and professionally. If you're married or seeing someone, then these sweet little trips add a lot of value to your relationship with your partner.


So, all set to hit the road and have the time of your life? However, there are few tips to help you prepare for what lies ahead. In order to make your weekend getaway fuss-free and enjoyable, check out these points to consider:


Don't go too far


You only have 2-3 days (at max four) to enjoy your weekend holiday. You don't wanna spend all the time on the road, do you? Make the most of your traveling by choosing destinations that are not so far-off. Ideally, 3-4 hours of travel time should be enough for a weekend trip. Plan in advance the places you wanna visit even before you go there. Time is money, that's the trick.


Additionally, don't book your hotel away from all the action. The cost of transportation (airport transfers, cost of transfers for sightseeing to and fro from the hotel, etc.) can go up if you're not using your own vehicle. If you're visiting to see important places, make sure you book a hotel nearby. Makes sense, doesn't it?


Pack Light – Bring Only a Few Bags


Since you're going on a short trip, there's no need why you'd like to pack a lot in a heavy suitcase. It's better to carry an affordable and easy bag.


You won’t need a lot on a short trip. Try to pack everything in one easy-to-carry bag that's smart and stylish bag. Something like a Leather Weekender Bag from Soulful Collection. It's an attractive leather duffel bag that can be used for all occasions – whether you're traveling, going on a weekend getaway, using it as a gym bag or shopping on the weekends.



At an affordable price of $199, this cow-leather duffel bag is tough, durable and long-lasting. With dimensions of 11-inch Height, 18-inch Width, and 9-inch Depth, the bag is spacious enough to pack your stuff for the getaway sessions.


Check websites for amazing deals/discounts


Nowadays, there are tons of web and mobile apps like Groupon, LivingSocial etc. that offer discounts and exciting deals on hotels, restaurants, and other activities. You get to save a lot of money by booking deals before you go to your destination. You can also plan your trip based on those deals, as you get a reason to create and plan a trip once you get a good deal on your hands. You can google a lot of coupons and deals sites and apps to get the best deal for that destination.


And finally, be happy :)


You're taking this trip to be happy and deservedly so. Travel with a calm and relaxed state of mind. Do lot's of fun activities to create eventful memories with your partner and friends.


We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment - Hilaire Belloc


To know more about leather travel bags for weekend getaways, check out Soulful Collection.






Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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