Leather Satchels: Bags That Complement Your Lifestyle

May 24, 2015


Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality - Shawn Ashmore


There are so many ways to add style and glamor to your personality. From doing makeover at salons and hair studios to getting facial treatments done, there are countless ways to look good and feel attractive.


In terms of the clothes that you wear, again there are many fashion makeovers that you can do to look good and earn compliments.


However, how many of us use accessories to enhance our style quotient? There are so many accessories, such as hats, bags, scarfs, etc. that can also change the way how we look and feel.


One such amazing accessory is a leather satchel. A satchel can add so much value to your overall look and personality that you can't imagine. The humble leather carry bag, processed and conceptualized to be a vintage looker, is not just an accessory but also a spacious filler for all your essential needs and wants.


At Rustic Town Collection, our priority has always been designing gorgeous leather satchels that can be used on every important occasion or a milestone in your life. Each and every satchel is unique and handcrafted by artisans of the highest order. You won't find better quality and top-notch durability in any other leather satchel of another company at our price.


Let's take a look at some of the most stylish satchels and their perfect use for you:


Brown Leather Satchel 15”



If you're planning to take an interview and looking for a bag to carry all your documents, then this is it. Not only it is stylish but also extremely spacious. The brown leather satchel can carry your laptop or tablet easily.


It's a nice combo of utility and class that can easily raise your style quotient wherever you take it.


Rugged Vertical Satchel 11"


Leather messenger bag rustic town


If you're looking for a satchel briefcase that's a trendsetter for your fun outings, make sure you take a look at this rugged bag as well.


This bag has an amazing reflection of all the hard work put in by the charismatic artists who created such an amazing distressed leather bag. The vertical tall-boy design adds an adventurous spirit in you and you feel like gearing up for bigger and better things in life.


And guess what? There's plenty of room for keeping a laptop as well! Unbelievable isn't it!


Leather Laptop Bag 16-inch


leather messenger bag satchel rustic town


Now this is truly the royalty! If you're an office professional, this handmade leather satchel is the 'thing'. If you're in college, this bag is your ticket to stardom!


This bag, with its golden texture, gorgeous design and nice aesthetic contours, is a visual delight from all corners. Bid your old bag a big goodbye and use this new one to carry laptop, books, magazines and lot's of other stuff!


All of the Rustic Town Collection leather bags are made from durable and flexible goat-leather hide which is then treated with vegetable chemicals to give you an Eco-Friendly alternative!


Thus, for all occasions, seasons, parties and events, if there's one accessory you mustn't avoid, then that's gotta be one of our leather satchels. Click to find some more leather satchels here.


Create your own visual style... let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others - Orson Welles


Until we meet next time, stay happy always :)






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