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iPhone 6 Leather Cases: Organizer Wallet Just Got Better!


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Hello, friends!


Apple has done it again!


The most successful and profitable company in the world rolled out the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, again to the warm reception of Apple loyalists all around the world. The phone sold like hot cakes and garnered critical acclaim and some brickbats as well (remember the iPhone bending controversy?). Yet, there's nothing that can stop the massive fan following of the Apple products, particularly the iPhones.


While the phones are getting better, they are also getting bigger as well. While all the earlier models of iPhones had 4-inch screen, iPhone 6 (4.7-inch) and iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch) have taken screen model sizes to another level. This means occupying bigger spaces inside handbags and pockets.


To counter this problem and complement it with an effective solution, Soulful Collection presents two new iPhone leather wallets that'll blow your mind with its functionality and usefulness – the iPhone 6 leather case and iPhone 6 Plus leather case. These mobile covers act as amazing organizers and wallets to save up a lot of space and add style to your iPhone.


Let's talk about these cases one by one!


iPhone 6 Leather Case



If you're an iPhone 6 user or planning to buy one, make sure you check out this amazing leather cell phone cover from Soulful Collection. Made from the finest quality goatskin leather (which is soft and flexible yet durable), this leather organizer cum wallet has been handcrafted by the finest artisans in the business without using any machines.


The leather used for this case has been naturally processed with the help of vegetable chemicals, thus making the material extremely flexible and long-lasting. In fact, the cover will increasingly become better day by day, thus making it a great value-for-money product as time progresses.


Both stylish and classy, the cover has built-in six credit card (or business card) slots, a slot for photo-ID and a bill compartment to keep 3-4 money bills and small paper notes in place. Thus, your phone cover also becomes a wallet.


Additionally, the leather wallet also serves as a safety cover and protects your phone from dirt, sweat, scratches and daily wear and tear.


You don't need to carry an extra wallet anymore, saving up a lot of space when you're out. At an amazing inaugural offer of $49, this leather cover is truly an affordable option for you and a wonderful gift for the iPhone users.


iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case



The big daddy of the cell phone club, Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is the company's flagship device with a giant 5.5-inch screen size.


As an iPhone 6 Plus owner, if you're looking for a mobile cover to protect that massive device, you might as well pick up a mobile organizer case that serves the dual purpose of a wallet and a mobile cover for you.


Soulful Collection's brand new iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case is an accessory that does just that, and more! The premium leather device not just protects your new iPhone, but also provide a whole lot of additional features. All of that in one smart leather case!


With this organizer wallet, you get 8 credit card slots, 1-2 ID card slots, 3-4 note bill slot and most importantly a flip cover slot for your iPhone 6 Plus device.


Slim, soft and lightweight, this case is again a product of an Eco-Friendly goatskin leather product. It's an ideal gift for you and your friends and relatives who are proud owners of iPhone 6 Plus.


Thus, check out these two leather iPhone organizer wallets and upgrade your lifestyle with affordable functionality at your fingertips!


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Shalu Goel
Shalu Goel


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