Leather Backpacks: Get, Set, Go!

If you think about America, it is about getting your backpack on and heading out - Nick Frost

 Are you socially conscious? Does it take a lot of guts to come out in the open and face the world?

 Why don't you try backpacking?

 Being a member of the YHAI (Youth Hostels Association of India), I know a lot of trekkers and adventurous participants who source their inspiration, confidence, and strong personality traits due to backpacking.

 I've been to many trekking expeditions in India and Europe with my leather backpack 23” and it's always such a joy to explore the world and make new friends.




Backpacking is not one thing – it's an amalgamation of various factors. It's about traveling on your own and connecting with nature in the most primal way. It's a type of traveling that involves going on long trips to mountainous regions or deserts or rainforests. It's about staying in low-budget hotels, living life off your suitcase (in this case a backpack!) and meeting lots of people from all around the world.


You know, traveling is a lot of fun as it expands your horizons. If you're young and not working anywhere, just take some time off and definitely go on a backpacking trip. It's good for your social development skills as it teaches you how to cope with life situations that may or may not be comfortable. You become a better person, for sure.


Here's what you get from the benefits of backpacking:


Socially, Mentally, Physically Enriched

Backpacking makes you an interesting and an experienced person. If you see, a lot of personality development and leadership training classes encourage a lot of traveling. You come back with great memories and appreciation for the wild and the nature. People are impressed with you when you tell them your stories and pictures of breathtaking scenery on Facebook posts. You're confident for life.


You Become People-friendly


Want a rich social experience of meeting new people and making new friends all by yourself? Try backpacking!


It's a great way to boost your interpersonal skills as you get to stay in low-budget hostels in dorms which are full of other travelers. By sharing experiences with others who are in that location, you get different perspectives on life, culture, and ideas. Traveling is fun in quaint destinations when you're with other people from different spheres of life. When would you ever get a chance to do that sitting at your residence?


It's good, professionally as well


You meet new people, share rooms with them, develop common interests and don't necessarily carry that baggage of expectations, permanent friendships, etc. Where does all of that lead you to? Great job skills, of course! Meeting tons of travelers will naturally make you a good conversation starter and you become creative and witty as well. It's a healthy tip that can help you immensely in your job.


It's a great learning experience for college/school student life


Backpacking is a great learning education for students, whether they are in school or about to graduate to the world of college. Traveling and staying in a new place while you're backpacking is similar to going to a university hostel during your college life. If you want to be comfortable with that, backpacking helps you get used to that rigor.


So plan ahead and backpack your way to great success in life.


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I really like to just jump in a truck with your backpack and just drive and go somewhere - Piper Perabo


Backpack, and Go somewhere :)






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