4 Fashion Essentials That Millennial Gentlemen Swear By

The millennial men take pride in their appearance and style! Without compromising on their looks, they embrace the most authentic fashion essentials to sport their personality with an edge. Be it the office goers, college students, entrepreneurs, or just travelers – men of all ages swear by some fashion essentials that work the charm for them.

While men have been increasingly chasing fashion trends with emerging new accessories and color palettes, there are 4 essentials that have always been their perfect partners for their best style statements. Here are these 4 essentials that men absolutely swear by!

Leather wallets

Every man feels complete with a leather wallet tightly tucked into their back pockets. The overstuffed or wrinkled wallet is a big no-no! With fine craftsmanship and quality, the men’s leather wallets have been absolute favorites! With shades like tan, black, blues, and shades of browns, the leather wallets add up to the most authentic style. And when it comes to sporting real leather with its pure style – the look goes a few notches higher. It’s one of the most adored and highest-selling men accessories around the world!

Leather Belts

Although belts were designed to keep the pants in place, it has been more of a style statement for ages now. And with the belt holes pre-sewed in all the types of denim and trousers today, not sporting a belt kind of makes the whole look falls apart. With leather men’s belts in classic cuts and designs, one can never go wrong in creating statements. While the younger men like to explore with different materials, studs, and shiny belts, the gentlemen go for the classic styles in shades of brown, maroons, blacks, and greys.

Leather Laptop Bags 

From hitting the gym, going to the office, a work trip, or a regular day visiting the mall – a gentleman is always sorted with places to keep his stuff. And if we go by the recent trends, the leather men’s bags in all sorts of styles are flooding the market. There are leather backpacks for the travelers, leather duffle bags for gyms, leather slings for everyday work, laptop bags, work bags, and even suitcases for work trips. With each bag holding their unique finish, cut, and patterns these make for quite a statement. And when you are dressed perfectly and walking with a stunning leather bag – the sight just gets more than noticeable.



No, it’s not about time anymore. Watches have become an absolute essential for gracing the hands, sporting a new look, and making statements amidst the crowd. Watches have also become a prized possession for people to show off their status. And with men swearing by their confidence when they wear their favorite dial adorned by leather belts – it becomes an absolute essential!

Men seek fashion in a limited number of accessories but define them with a distinct sense of style. Even within the limited choices, the vast world of classic choices has changed the way men carry themselves. If you haven’t already, it’s time to stock up on all four now!

Image Credit: Photo by Malcolm garret from Pexels

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