Five Factors to Consider when Choosing a Toiletry Bag for Travel

September 23, 2019

Five Factors to Consider when Choosing a Toiletry Bag for Travel

When preparing for a trip, keeping your things organized can be one of your major concerns. If you are like other travelers, you probably have packing cubes and a laptop backpack for keeping your essentials such as clothes and electronics together. However, when packing, you don’t want to forget smaller things such as toiletries. A good toiletry bag for travel can help in keeping everything in one place. Also, it keeps spills contained while you are on the go. But, there are many toiletry bags out there, so you will want to know how to choose the right one. When looking for a toiletry bag, there are some features you must consider. Below are some factors to consider when choosing a toiletry bag:


You probably think of buying the most compact bag to save space or the biggest one too. However, you must take into account which essential toiletries you want to take with you before you buy a toiletry bag that offers enough space for them. Also, the available space in your backpack or luggage will dictate the toiletry bag to go for.

The Ability to Hang

Hanging toiletry bags are designed to let you see its content and access the compartments once hung. Therefore, you do not have to pack and repack your bag which saves you both hassle and time. Fortunately, most bathrooms have hangers or towel rocks you can hang toiletry bag on. A hanging toiletry bag has a hook to hang the kit in up in the bathroom.

Organization Options

When shopping for a toiletry bag, you will have to pick between a bag with a single apartment and one with many compartments. A toiletry bag with multiple compartments has varying sizes, pouches, and pockets. Think about how you want to organize and access your grooming essentials.

A toiletry bag for travel is designed to hold an array of things from razors and tweezers to shampoo, lotions, and perfume. Also, they are capable of holding toothbrushes and medications. That is why you want to pick a toiletry bag with many small compartments to keep your stuff organized.

Choices of Materials

From plastic to leather to waterproof canvas, picking the right fabric for your toiletry bag kit will make sure it fits your lifestyle. Some people recommend clear plastic so you don’t spend so much time on security checks at the airport. While this can help, keep in mind that you will be using the bag at your destination more than the airport security checkpoint. That is why you want to choose a toiletry bag according to your style and the conditions on which you will be using the bag. Thus, if you will be mostly outdoors, invest in a waxed canvas toiletry bag or a tech fabric. Although leather is durable and looks great, it may get damaged when it gets wet. Consider a leather Dopp kit if you will be staying indoors.

Ease of Cleaning

No matter how you pack carefully, something may spill on your kit. Bags that have plastic lining are the easiest to clean along with those that dry quickly after cleaning.

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