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What is a Dopp kit? Is it the same as a toiletry kit?

vintage Leather Toiletry Bag


What is a Dopp kit? Easy. A Dopp kit is a toiletry bag. But you seemingly knew this, right? It’s a small trip bag where men and women prefer to store their lavatory items. Your toothbrush, your shaving cream, your moisturizers, etc., all fit into the bag. To keep your things organized. After all, nobody likes bobbing through a suitcase for something petite and very important. 

Let’s take a peek at the history: The bag was made by Charles Doppelt, along with the help of his nephew, who created it out of leather in 1919. It was called a “toilet bag.” But over the years, people began to call it with many different names such as, a Dopp kit, toiletry bag, Shaving kit, Wash bag, Makeup kit, toilet bag, cosmetic bag etc... And during both World Wars I and II, each soldier was allotted a Toiletry bag! 


How to Clean Your Toiletry

vintage Leather Toiletry Bag - How to Clean Your Toiletry

With summer right around the edge and all of those interesting travel dates getting closer, springtime is the ideal time to get your travel gear out and cleaned up.

It’s not as bad as it sounds, and in fact, is necessary. 

Keeping your Dopp kit clean is a task. It looks fundamental when new, but over time it scatters, and blemishes and can’t be neglected anymore. Let’s own up to an uncomfortable truth: Your toilet bag needs a makeover of its own!

It’s easier than you think to make your bag back in tip-top appearance. We’ll tell you the simple ways to clean it up.

  1. The first thing you’ll have to do is empty everything out that’s in your toiletry kit. You might be astonished at what you find—or don’t find. Just get it all out and onto the counter.
  2. Now the bag is emptied, take it outdoor and shake out all the compartments and pockets, turning it inside out if it’s the kind of bag that can do that. Pick out any bits of paper, dried cream, or soap that may be stuck in a niche.
  3. Next, wash the bag using water and mild soap. Don't wash a leather toiletry bag, just clean the inside with a wet cloth and dry clean the outside. 

     How to pack a toiletry bag.

vintage Leather Toiletry Bag


Once your toiletry kit is dry, it’s time to repack it so you will be ready to go when you can move again.

  1. Before refilling it, organize items by category: All your shower supplies in one stack, dry supplies like medicines or bandages in another, perhaps any other personal care products like creams or makeup in another.
  2. Examine how much you have of each and organize the items by use in your kit so they are simple to grab at the same time once packed. Analyse using a small packing sack to prevent small items from bobbing around, like implements or bandages, or to keep together products you use at the same time, like face creams, cosmetics, or shaving supplies. 
  3. Now you’re ready to pack your neat & clean toiletry kit! Place everything in the bag, compartment by compartment, then zip it closed and stash it where you keep your luggage.


Leather Toiletry Bag - WHERE TO BUY A TOILETRY BAG?


You can get your perfect toiletry bag from online stores like Amazon or Walmart. Or you can buy it from us. Rustic Town has a huge variety of Top-Grain Leather toiletries for men and women. We champion the cause to encourage the traditional technique of producing leather toiletry bags. We have a wide range of sizes and variations in styles available for you to make a perfect choice for your specific needs. 


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