When Horror meets Fun: Cool leather products for Halloween theme parties

October 04, 2014

The month of spook has begun. I’m talking about the Halloween, guys!

America’s upcoming favorite holiday, Halloween, is really a fascinating story of ghosts and spirits mixed with humor and fun!

Since my childhood, I have been pretty curious about the concept of supernaturalism, ghosts and the likes of it. And Halloween comprises every bit of these elements. But make no mistake, I love horror films! Anything to do with horror, I love to explore it. In fact, so many of my favorite films are horror-based – The Conjuring, Insidious, The Grudge etc.

There are many layers attached to this festival – ushering in of winter season from fall, concept of life and death, celebration and superstition etc. So much so that from an ancient holiday, Halloween has become more about gatherings, costumes and sweet treats than actual ghosts and ghouls.

Between decorative lights, lawn ornaments and becoming total zombies (with makeup!), the week-long celebrations also involve the community gatherings, family holidays, exchange of gifts and whatnot.

While everyone gifts the usual suspects - candy jars, assorted confections, masks etc – a lot of people can bring alive the old tradition of gifting vintage or antique items to their friends and family.

Further, you can also use leather items like satchels, messengers and leather journals featured on Soulful Collection and use it as props for your costume theme parties.

From a vintage look of the Renaissance era to becoming a gothic soul for the ‘Halloween night’, some of these leather products can surely add an old-world charm to you and your event.

Check out my list of some of the leather bags and accessories that you can gift or use in your costume parties and themes:

  1. Writing Journal

Are you planning a party with themes like sorcery, black magic, and occult in mind? Use Vintage Leather Journals as props to heighten the atmosphere of your décor.

These leather bound journals take you back to the gothic era. Imagine a spooky scene in your head where witches are reading chemical potions from an old book and giving it out to you in a goblet. And you turn into a maniacal monster!

Think dark ambience, big pots oozing out white steam, bloody makeup – don’t be surprised if you feel a bit jittery and spooked out afterwards!

Classic horror stuff :)

  1. Vintage Leather Messenger Bag

If you’re planning to don an olden look à la Harry Potter style, replete with an old black robe, archaic scarf and a broomstick, you should definitely complete the geeky, nerdy crossbody look with Leather Messenger Bags.

The leather messenger bags are perfect for costume themed parties and gatherings during Halloween. It goes with every gothic look and adds a nice property to complete your overall look.

Further kids can use these vintage bags to collect candies and gifts during ‘Trick or Treating’.

  1. Hard Leather Handbag

For a retro look of the 1920s, à la The Great Gatsby, ladies can opt for these Leather Handbags. Wear a glitzy fishtail dress, add Mary Jane pumps, and finish you look with vintage bag. Sure shot stunner, this!

So enjoy that feeling of cold air and create the magic of spooky dangers lurking around the corner.

Some of my friends here in New Delhi (India) are planning to organize a Halloween party. If it goes as planned, I’d really love to get the look of a witch in black costume and cone-shaped hat.

What would you like to dress up as? How would you celebrate Halloween? Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section below!

Love. XOXO

PS: We recently got our first big order for Ladies Handbags from California this week! Congrats to our Soulful team for killing it! You guys rock!

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