Rustic Town Brown Genuine Leather Crossbody Bag Tote Ladies Purse Handbag

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Ladies, check out this cross body leather purse from Soulful Collection. This brown leather purse is an ideal way to explore yourself and your style.

Tough and durable as hell, use this leather purse to carry your everyday items without worrying too much about anything else.

Material: Eco Friendly Leather
Weight: 0.85 kg
Color: Brown
Dimensions: 10(H) * 13(W) * 4(D)
Country of Manufacturing: India

Product Description

Rustic Town Leather Crossbody Tote Bag

From San Francisco to Tokyo, Melbourne to London, our products are as global as you are.

For years, we have supported traditional artisans and fostered a relentless discipline to create the best products on the market. We only use the best materials.
We say no to “Pleather” and only use the highest quality buffalo and goat leather. We master the smallest details and test every rivet, fastening, and material before we ship. Our in-house production leads to the best quality control and our customer obsession is unmatched.

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Leather Sling Bags for Women Small Shoulder Bag Gifts for Her By Rustic Town

Key Feratures:
Handcrafted by Indian artisans using eco-friendly Goat Leather
1 Internal compartment, 2 zippered pocket to carry Cosmetics, Shades, Small Wallet, etc
Adjustable Leather strap with maximum length 55 inches
Dimensions 13"(Width)x10"(Height)x3"(Depth)

Additional Details:
Pls be aware that pure leather by its nature has some scars (due to markings/cuts on goat skin) which reconfirms that its 100% genuine and also makes every bag one of a kind and adds character to your prized possession.
Also, each bag has distinctive color tone, which may deviate a little from given pictures.
Pls also note that this brand new bag may also have a distinctive leather smell. Most of our customers tend to like this earthly smell, some don’t. In any case it does fade away within 4-6 weeks of regular use.

  • ✅ Handcrafted from 100% Genuine Goat Hide.
  • ✅ Dimensions in Inches: 13 (Width), 10(Height), 3.5(Depth)`
  • ✅ 1 Easy Access Pockets on the Front, 1 Compartment, 2 zippered pockets inside.
  • ✅ Carry Daily Essentials, Make-Up Kit, Wallet, Phone, Small Notepad, Etc.
  • ✅ Super Fast shipping!!


  • 1 Front Pocket
  • 3 Internal Compartments
  • 1 Zippered pockets on the internal wall of the bag
  • Additonal zippered pockets on the back side of the bag
  • Adjustable strap with Max Length 55 Inches.

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