Of food, fun & gratitude: Top 5 leather gifts to give on Thanksgiving

October 11, 2014

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough – Oprah Winfrey

Hello Peoples!

Thank you so much for sending in your comments and feedbacks for my last blog on Raju (Here’s the link to that blog). I am overwhelmed by your response to the blog. Like me, so many other people were inspired by his vision to rise above all challenges.

Moving on…

Few days ago, I met two American travelers, Sheryl and Damien Prescott, who visited our Soulful Collection store in New Delhi. They seemed like a happy-go-lucky couple, enjoying myriad experiences they encountered since they landed here (Trust me; every Westerner will vouch for that!)

They were looking for some leather bags to gift during the upcoming ‘Thanksgiving Day’, to be held on November 27.  “Thanksgiving is a huge deal in North America and we want to gift our family members something from India,” Damien said.

Meanwhile, Sheryl was gung ho about the fact that she and her family will be together after 10 years during the Thanksgiving weekend, and the atmosphere will be filled with talks of love, family, fun & food.

The current season seems to be really special in America, what with the onset of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas, leading up to the New Year.

As someone living in India, the idea behind the festival of Thanksgiving was a bit foggy for me – I knew about it only in bits & pieces through popular social media. You know the usual stuff – Thanksgiving Meal, holidays, eating large Turkey bird for dinner etc.

Behind the festival (and the associated holiday), they told me, lay the hidden meaning of Thanksgiving – gratitude. Thanksgiving is all about saying ‘Thank You’ to everything and everybody around us.

Sheryl added, “It is important to recognize the value of blessing in our lives. It acknowledges the power of grace and giving.”

The thought behind this festival also echoes in my life and family, as I also inculcate the values of responding to someone’s help, effort and gift in a positive manner – it’s the thought that counts. The custom of Thanksgiving, thus they both felt, is an important way to remember all of that.

Another great aspect of this day, Damien said, is the celebration of togetherness and family. People get together and enjoy the spirit of familial bonds that they share. Gifts are exchanged, family ties are reunited, and shopping season beholds everyone during this time. “It’s probably the only time we all are together,” he concluded.

After they left the place, it felt as if I was talking to my closest pals. They bought from me many items to gift their loved ones back home - two satchels, two leather journals, one passport holder, a ladies bag, cell phone covers from themselves and a small duffel bag.

I made a promise to be in touch with them, and have specifically asked for their Thanksgiving photos!

While they bought many of our bestsellers bags and accessories for Thanksgiving, why don’t I suggest some of my own favorites you can gift your loved ones during the festive day?

So, for all those in North America who are planning to visit their grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, here are few amazing gifts among leather products and accessories that can be gifted to express your gratitude towards someone you love.

  1. Leather Laptop Bag 16 Inch

When you develop an attitude for gratitude, everything works fine.

Gift this elegant vintage laptop bag and bring back the old times. The look is classic – attractive design, aesthetic contours and sleek shape.

These leather satchel bags can be used to carry laptop, books, magazines, digital tablet etc. It’s a gift that reeks of your love for leather and your loved ones.

  1. Wine Carrying Case - 4 Bottles

Let’s raise a toast to the spirit of togetherness!

If you are planning to bring many bottles of wine to the family dinner, make sure they are brought and gifted in a presentable way. Who’s going to take care of that? Well, leave that to us!

Here’s presenting a wine travel case that’s as rich, smooth and premium as your gourmet drink. The wine bottle case can keep four bottles under its belt. There are case covers for keeping one and two bottles as well.

This travel wine case is your perfect companion to your Thanksgiving party. Further, the leather cases are stylishly designed to create a feeling of celebration in the air.

  1. Vintage Leather Messenger Bag 13"

When there are so many members in your family, you may need to cater to each one of them separately while presenting them with a gift. Young cousins, brothers, sisters, friends and other family members – after all, one can’t just go empty-handed to meet them, isn’t it?

Here’s how you can be super-cool in front of them and gift them something that’s different and stylish – vintage leather messenger bags.

An instant stunner, they will remain indebted to you forever for giving them a gift that’s going to up their style quotient and make them popular in school and colleges!

Store small laptop, books, college materials, office files, personal diary and lot’s more in this messenger bag. Spacious, appealing and great as fashion accessories, these bags are a joy to carry.

You can also check out our whole range of Messengers.

  1. Western Style Leather Handbags

An ideal gift to give for the ladies, handbags is one accessory that ladies love to collect. Ideal gift for all the ladies in the house, these are authentic western style leather handbags laden with great features.

Right from the stitching pattern on the contours, to front flap cover converging at the central buckle, these leather crossbody handbags are visual delight for everyone.

Check out our complete range of Womens Bags.


  1. Leather Cell Phone Case Iphone 5

Simple and effective, gift everyone a leather cell phone case cover to please all. Stylish yet affordable, these western leather cell phone cases have become part of our lives now. Apart from protecting our phone, it also adds a stylish value on the exteriors. It features a diagonally-cut pocket for storing credit cards.

Keep everyone happy with these cell phone covers and express your gratitude to those who matter.

So get started for the important day by ordering these bags and accessories. You can also check out our complete range here.

In closing, I would like to make use of this spirited occasion to thank god and everyone in my life that helped me achieve my goals and make me a better person.

I wish everyone on the other side of the world happy and joyous Thanksgiving. May everyone come together and fill each other’s hearts with happiness and laughter.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them - John F. Kennedy.




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