Leather Laptop Backpack: The All-in-One Outing Bag

November 24, 2014

Travel can be one of the most rewarding forms of introspection- Lawrence Durrell

Traveling is, for sure, therapeutic…

I was tired and exhausted of all the workload that I had accumulated while working on the Rustic Town Collection brand. I wanted to set myself free and also catch up some time with my long-lost friends.

Hence, I thought of taking a weekend road trip with my gang of girls (devoid of our nagging husbands and crabby kids, lol!).  I asked my husband if he could take care of our 3-year-old daughter at home and he readily agreed (ah, my prince charming :)

We chose to travel to Jaipur, a vibrant tourist city in Rajasthan known for ancient palaces and citadels. Accompanying me were some of my closest friends whom I knew since my college days.

I was pleasantly surprised on how enjoyable the trip was! First of all, driving on that highway road was exhilarating and the background imagery of Aravali Hills was magnificent – it was as if we are driving into the horizon!

Upon the arrival in the ‘pink city’, we all thoroughly enjoyed the forts, palaces and lots of shopping! Overall, it was fun, frolic and laughter serenading the atmosphere.

Amidst all this moments of joie de vivre, Sangeeta, my friend, philosopher and guide, recited an ending verse of the poem that was really interesting. It was something like,

It’s time to end,

And let you tend,

To tell a lil thought,

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is mystery

Do believe in what should be ought


Profound words for living!!!

So anyway, apart from those blissful pearls of wisdom that she boasts of, another thing that we both have in common is an amazing companion that has stood by us like rock-solid: the all-in-one, hybrid, and my favorite outing bag – Leather Laptop Backpack.

On Sangeeta’s last birthday, I gifted this laptop bag as she was looking something that had a great design, spacious pockets and a satchel-like experience.

From that time till now, she has been waxing eloquent about the rucksack, much to my pleasure.

For carrying your everyday office stuff to packing in your travel items for that special journey, the bag has been complimented by everyone who’s been using it.

Don’t believe me? Sample this, few testimonials about the bag, all praising it:

This bag has excellence written all over it – Scott Delray

It’s a bohemian bag, perfect for travelling – Christina Applewitz

It’s a perfect combination of a backpack, satchel and a messenger – Robbie Charlatan

The leather bag looks evergreen; it’s a bag for meant for many lifetimes – Nessy McRal

Still need reasons to love this bag? Here it goes:

  1. It’s a ‘leather backpack satchel

leather backpack rustic town

One of the many things that people love about this bag is that it’s a delectable combo of being a backpack and a satchel.

While the ‘satchel’ part of it takes care of the space and the optimal utility of the storage (for laptop, office documents etc.), the ‘backpack’ bit makes the styling more appealing for a traveler.

Thus, what you see is a sporty shoulder bag with all the utility of your executive-class requirements.

  1. It’s a ‘tough, durable, tough nut to crack’ leather bag

Make no bones about it – leather lasts for a lifetime. Add to that the fact that this backpack is made of vegetable-tanned leather means that you get a quality bag that holds on to its own for a very long time.

Further, add quality stitching, indestructible fittings, quality zippers and multiple pockets – together it’s a lethal combo.

  1. Great bag at a great price

leather backpack

A 100% real leather, genuine-quality leather bag at a price of $89. Sounds impossible? No it’s not!

At Rustic Town Collection, our job is to provide good-quality leather bags at affordable prices. We are passionate about our leather products. That’s why you get the best price for what its worth is.

As a passionate traveler, and someone, who loves to life to the hilt, let me tell you – go out, and have fun. And I promise you, this leather backpack will be your fun companion!

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters: Audrey Hepburn



Love, Cheers


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