Medium Leather Satchel for Women: A perfect 2015 bag for you

December 26, 2014

“Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.” — Charles Kettering

Hello People!

Today's blog is for the ladies- the dreamers, the achievers, the rock stars! (Sorry guys, that's the truth, girls rock!)

Hope all of you had an amazing time on the Christmas Day!

It was an incredible evening for me! We had so much fun! My lovely daughter, her little friends and I danced our heart out to Christmas party songs, while my husband, who became potbellied Santa, distributed gifts and played an excellent host to all.

However, just as we were eating plum cakes while opening our Christmas gifts, it occurred to me that even New Year's Eve is coming in few days! Yayyiee!

Talking about the New Year, the norm of making endless resolutions will hover above our head once again - those promises of losing weight, eating healthy, changing job, picking up a hobby, buying a car, etc. Aaargghh! You know we all tend to flounder in first 2-3 months itself.

Instead of falling hard on the ground and feeling guilty, forget those resolution rituals. Habits won't change so fast and so easily. Instead, bring new things in life that make you feel happy, and then complement your lifestyle with them. Soon, you'll see a marked improvement in your lifestyle, attitude and thought-process.

Smart ideas in today's world can help you become a better person. For ladies, there are countless life hacks, tips and ways to make your 2015 a better year than 2014. Go online, YouTube, Buzzfeed amazing videos; there's so much stuff that'll make you learn some new things every day in 2015.

Among those ideas is to get a stylish fashion accessory that'll be your 2015 bag.

And here it is: the gorgeous leather satchel for ladies from Rustic Town Collection – the bag that you will always cherish. But why this one, you may ask. Well, read on!



Medium Leather Satchel: Your Dream Bag

This 2015, bring home this endearing satchel - a companion that is going to stay with you forever - a friend who will be with you, no matter what happens.

Let's find why it's special and deserve to be your bag for the year 2015:

Gorgeous Gypsy Design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Looking at the satchel's fanciable design, I feel the same way as well. Wish I could just go on & on raving about it...

Look, I want all of you PYTs to gear up for 2015 and make extra efforts to look super stylish, super hot and super sexy. That's why you need an amazing fashion accessory that defines your look a little extra. This bag has it – the gypsy design is sheer bravado.

Have you noticed an eerie similarity of the satchel's design with the head of an Owl? That's because it shares some common traits with the majestic bird. This bag, just like an Owl, has an air of mystery and charisma. It has chiseled features to amplify its beauty and grace. The bag has a beautiful feminine look that is highly desirable.

Handcrafted by the best artisans from India, the design is it's major USP. Just look at it, isn't the gypsy design worthy of a dekko?

While the design is all fun and sassy, the vintage brown color should be a special mention as well. The quality of this bag is that it matches with every outfit. Formal, casual or bohemian, it makes you look like an instant attraction.

If you like to receive compliments galore, wear this satchel with elan. You'll simply love it!

A Satchel That Wear Many Hats

This satchel shares similar characteristics with every woman. Just as a woman plays the role of a mother, sister, daughter, lover and a friend effectively, so does this brown leather satchel. It's built from a high-quality natural leather; throw whatever challenge, and it shall accept it with open arms, oh sorry, flap cover.

That's why this is a practical leather handbag for all the ladies - a perfect mix of business and casual use. So one day it can become your shopping bag. Stuff in as much as you want and travel all day. The next day it can be your college bag – keep your books and notepad spaciously. Keep your purse, keys, cell phone, make-up kit and other knickknacks easily. No problem at all.

Hence all you ladies out there, don't fall into the 'resolutions trap' blindly. Usher in a change and bring out a whole new woman inside of you, albeit slowly but steadily. And gift yourself this lovely bag. Order it right now!

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” - Confucius

So this 2015, do whatever you wanna do, as much as you wanna do. There's no stopping you, gal!

Oh wait there's more roles this bag can play – festival bag, everyday bag, weekend bag, party bag, doctor bag, date bag, gift bag, lunch bag, etc.



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