Top 3 Leather bags to impress during an interview

May 22, 2018

Top 3 Leather bags to impress during an interview



It's unfortunate that in an interview sometimes things can seem so black and white - Gisele Bundchen

Cracking a job interview is always tough. It is one of the most challenging ways to make a good first impression. You don’t know how things will turn out. One small mistake can cost you that opening. However, it’s also your opportunity to understand your employer and turn the tables by getting on their good side. So even if your credentials aren’t better, you still have an edge over the other applicants.


Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, your employer already knows a lot about you. They do background checks, read your tweets, and find out more about you even before they meet you. So what are you planning to do that makes them select you? Are you well-equipped to showcase your overall personality to them?


There are tons of interview rounds these days. Companies lookout for employees with leadership qualities and a confident attitude. Clearly, a lot of painstaking efforts should be taken on every aspect of grooming and preparation for the job profile.


One of the most important things to remember is the use of accessories and dresses. So many candidates have been rejected solely on the basis of their shabby appearance and dress sense! Wearing casual shoes, sandals, loose trousers, having stubble or beard and unkempt hair – these are some of the reasons employers have rejected many aspirants! The first impression is the last impression!


Thus, one of the things that could really help you out is the use of a bag that complements your look and adds value to it. Vintage leather bags are one such accessory that you can carry during an interview. Smart, spacious and stylish, a vintage leather bag can certainly land you a job anywhere with its sophisticated charm and attractive design.


Let’s take a look at some of the leather bags that are perfect to be carried during an interview:


Brown Leather Messenger Bag 15"



The bag may fool you with its appearance of being subtle and simple, but then you’ll find out these qualities to be this bag’s strengths. Made from Eco-friendly goatskin leather, this designer messenger is made evoke an amazing experience while you're on to something important.


Spacious and comfortable, the messenger has a total of 3 internal compartments in which the middle row has been adequately cushioned to keep your laptop or tablet. The device certainly comes handy if you wanna show a PowerPoint presentation or a digital document to the employer.


Then there are spacious compartments for keeping big files and folders which are required to carry your prestigious college certificates, degrees, verification documents, and CV's.


Brown Leather Satchel 15"



You don't wanna carry a grumpy old torn bag on your interviews, group discussions, and other rounds of interviews, do you? It's extremely important to be prepared for all the documents and project work that the university or a company gives you.


The brown leather satchel, a vintage bestseller from the Rustic Town staple, helps you achieve your professional and academic goals by nearly organizing your documents, tech devices, and personal stuff with style and grace threw in.


Again, this satchel comes with a host of other stuff such as zippered pockets, briefcase handle, an adjustable strap, a front pocket, etc.


Genuine Leather Backpack



If you don't want a crossbody bag, no problem! There's a cool leather backpack at your service as well!


The unisex leather backpack is a classic shoulder bag with a strikingly subtle yet clean design. It's a bag that is designed to showcase your style statement and invoke confidence in you. You wouldn't believe that the spacious bag has dedicated slots for 2 laptops, 4 zippered pockets outside and one inside, a cell phone slot, 3 slots for keeping pen or pencil.


Isn't that great!


Thus, with these and many more leather bags and backpacks at Rustic Town, you can amp your stylish code and crack your exams and interviews competently. These pure leather bags, apart from being very affordable, comes with the guarantee of a lifelong promise from us – the Eco-Friendly bags will always complement your modern-day lifestyle. Always.


To check out more of these leather messengers and satchels, click here.


As always, keep smiling and stay happy :)





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