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Do you maintain a journal? I do. We hold a lot of things in our brains, but we don't write on paper. All those feelings and fantasies hopping around can sometimes seem unusual. You have to-do lists, goals, thoughts, confidentiality, duds, passion, failure, ups, and downs. Ideas evolve and die, emotions fly. How do you memorize all of them? How do you keep them organize? The most excellent way to store your thoughts and clear your brain is to record them down in a journal. Journaling is a great exercise everyone should have tried it for once.


How to Write a Journal

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Starting a Journal

 To start journaling, you just require will power to write. You don’t have to write like a poet or an author. You need to let your words flow just write what's running in your brain. Once you’ve determined, you are ready to create a journal. Just write when you are ready like when you are sipping your coffee in a cafeteria or having your lunch or at night when you're all alone inside your blanket on your cosy bed. You have to turn your writing into a habit, so create a schedule. By scheduling, journaling will become the habit. 

Why journal is needed    

Advantages of Keeping a Journal 


There are several purposes why it is a great thought to keep a journal. 

    1. Memorize details: It reminds you of all the small details that you must have forgotten, like what you have done on the trips, what have you eaten at the last Saturday night party, or what is the date of your girlfriend's birthday. So it will remind you of every little thing.
    2. For your Inspirational Thoughts: Maintaining a journal can help you write your own inspirational thoughts or when your read or listen to something inspirational, you can put that on your journal for your future references.
    3. Help channelize your emotions and thoughts: When you hold thoughts in your head for a long period it becomes stress, and An overabundance of stress can be harmful to your physical, mental, and emotional health. A study showed that descriptive writing (like journaling) for only 15 to 20 minutes a day, three to five times over the course of four months was sufficient to lower blood pressure and improve liver functionality. Plus, writing about stressful experiences can help you healthily manage them. Try establishing journaling as a pre-bedtime meditation habit to help you unwind and de-stress.


When to Journal

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There is no right or wrong time for journaling. When you’re writing, it is important to be in a place where you can focus and think. If you are a morning person, Do the journaling on the table while you are drinking your morning coffee, tea, water, milk, or orange juice. But a calm room with no disturbances works best. Indulge yourself to concentrate on your writing, without any obstructions. An office or study room is always great.

Keep a journal if you want to. And if you consider writing in a journal is crazy, don’t keep one. 


Journal for Everyone

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Back in the day, having a journal was ‘macho’ stuff to do. All the famous thinkers, writers, and creators of history kept a journal regularly. With a smokestack, a punch, and a break in the day they would write everything that was on their brains.

Writing can heal your invisible scars which are inside your heart for a long period. Writing can fix you, You’ll see your goals take shape and come to life again. Once you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, then it’s much easier to figure out how to get there.

Journaling is a method of you speaking to yourself. No one is advising you what to speak, how to think, or what to give. You make the laws, you determine your method. It can help, whatever circumstances you find yourself in. No matter how occupied you are or how poor your handwriting is. Just the action of moving the pen on the page can boost to unlock trapped feelings and emotions within you.



notebook for artists

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